Need help with a kara/vespyr deck - Can't get past rank 10


Hello I’m looking for some good suggestion for a kara deck. The vespyr aspect isnt mandatory though that is my preferred playstyle plus I like the minions.

currently im running :

Kara Winterblade x1
Snow Chaser x3
Zyx x3
Boundless Courage x1
Chromatic Cold x3
Crystal Cloaker x3
Ephemeral Shroud x3
Frigid Corona x3
Gravity Well x1
Iceblade Dryad x3
Myriad x3
Saberspine Tiger x3
Sworn Sister L’kian x3
Voice Of The Wind x2
Wailing Overdrive x2
Ash Mephyt x3

Would rather not break the bank on neutrals but I’m open to all suggestions. I do however have some spirit to buy more nifty vanar stuff (already own almost all of it ). This isn’t rigid, the main goal here is just to get a deck going that’ll serve me well in gold, with kara.


You also can build your deck here it’s faster.


The goal here is to take good use of kara’s BBS and keep minions on the board till I can setup a combo with wailing overdrive but I’m obviously missing something.


Do you have access to that Grandmaster instead of Ash Mephyt?


You could try replacing mephyt with something else, the card was a lot better when Kara’s BBS stacked.
If you can get a swarm going Razorback could be an additional win condition, try adding a couple of them.


Been using this since october, still works the same way and is decent enough, the new cards don’t really add something for this.

You can also run Embla instead of pandora i guess, but you should definitely go for the Jaxes imo.

edit: was slightly off, i am currently running 2 shrouds and only 2 cloakers and 1 aspect of the fox


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