Need help with a Divine Bond Deck


So I’ve been using this deck for a while now and its the only deck I’ve menaged to get somewhere. Aggro or Tempo Lyonar decks just dont seem to work for me or I just can’t play them right :sweat: I dont need this deck to be perfect just to be able to get me to Gold. For now the highest rank I’ve reached is 11.


There you go. A list that can get you to S-Rank at 60% win rate. Pretty similar to yours anyway.


Will have to replace Spelljammer with Sojourner and the two Regalias with Dawns Eye since I dont have them :unamused: If you can suggest otherwise I am open to ideas :slight_smile:


Replace Spelljammer with Trinity oath, not sojourner. It consistently draws more and heals you. Also, Itoncliffe Heart/Afterblaze would probably be a better replacement for Arclyte than Dawn’s Eye.


Dawns Eye can be very strong, but most of the time I think running a 3rd Regalia is better. I have a controlish Argeon running Dawns Eye, but even with all of my self heal in the deck oftentimes the game is ending before the card generates enough value to be worth the massive tempo it costs.


Thank you those tips really helped I did realise after 2 - 3 games that Dawns Eye is slower than I thought. Definitely got better results after the change


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