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Need Help on Mech Vanar

Hello fellow Duelyst Players. I need your guidance and wisdom (or something like that).

Basically I just want some feedback on my attempt on making a Mech Vanar deck. I’m currently sitting in the middle of Gold right now and well this deck isn’t going too well. I do win from time to time but I lose more than I win with this deck

So I just want some feedback (nice or critical; doesn’t matter) and collaborate peoples thoughts and ideas.

I am considering running Metaltooth and Deceptibot for tempo but what do you guys think I should add, remove or replace?

I don’t really know what Ghost Seraphim is doing in this deck but it otherwise looks fine to me. Maybe post some replays to show how you’re playing it?

Here are a couple of replays of games I’ve played not long ago.

I was thinking about creating a mech Vanar deck, although I haven’t played Vanar in a while. I would definitely try to add metaltooth (rush, synergy with silver and echo) and Deceptib0t (synergy with the aspect of shimzar). I also think that project omega could also work in combination with echo and Deceptib0t in a list like this.
This is the list that I’m currently thinking of trying, although this is by no means optimized. I cut the Mechaz0r package in order to have a greater focus on the Metaltooth/Deceptib0t/S.I.L.V.E.R./Project Omega package.

I just played 2 games with the deck in rank 3 diamond, and while a bit clunky (in particular, I have yet to use mana deathgrip with the deck, although I barely play Vanar in general), I really like the power that Echo Deliverant brings to cards like Metaltooth, S.I.L.V.E.R. and Project Omega. Here are screenshots from the last two games.

NOTE: It tookme a while to understand what was actually happen, but Echo Deliverant has a unique interaction with Project Omega: It will generate a copy of Omega, and then the second Omega will apply its aura buff. In short, the second Project Omega summoned by Echo Deliverant will have double the stats of the first when summoned. This double buff does not carry on to any mech summoned after the second Omega is initially summoned.

Game 1: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-KzWCKoYaAClFyDbgvvY
Game 2: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-KzWCXgbrJ4cqIsMpeWW


Game 1:

2017-11-21 (1)
Game 2: 2017-11-21 (2)


After realizing the interaction between Echo Deliverant and Project Omega, and after a couple of wins and losses, I made a few adjustments to the list I posted to look something more like this:

Seraphim and spirit of the wild don’t seem especially usefull

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