Need help Memes: Greatest Hits


I’m looking for that reddit image where a dude de-pixelated argeon and it’s the stuff of nightmares. I can’t find it even if my life depended on it. If you have other memes worthy of being one of the greatest hits, please do drop them here as well.


Were supposed to expand when clicked-can,t get it to work for some reason :confused:


huh, stuff like that happens when i paste stuff in paint. try increasing your frame size


What does that even mean?


something about not drawing obliterate. honestly i feel bad for cass players when they don’t ever get to draw obliterate. tip them always my friend

sometimes though, i think “that’s what you get for building a deck around 1 card!”, and quickly i realize, “that’s rich coming from a deceptibot and chakram player”

Edit - @cloudfrog this

  1. Yeah, that facial expression sure is something

  2. HE HAS A TAIL???


Yep, he has a sandshield tail. It’s easier to grasp it by looking at the official pullover/shirt.


Argeon’s tail is the best tail. :eyes:


Not realy
8mana:yami crys because he wants to play oblitarate but kaiba plays kenshrai fanblade
9mana:yugi crys because he wants to play oblitarate but kaiba plays eclipse


edit: oh wait nope not that STILL HILARIOUS THOUGH



Horrifying stuff


Should qualify as meme


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