Need help for abyssian deckbuilding


i need help in building silver division abyssian deck. i have all rares and commons and reaper of the nine moons, black solus , necrotic sphere and rite from epics and no epics or legendarys from neutral cards, so pls give me tips how to build deck and what i must prioritize in crafting


For almost any Abyssian deck, Spectral Revenant is the priority to craft. Having 2 copies in your deck gives a lot of late game burst and finishing potential that you’ll want whether you’re playing Deathwatch, Creep, Arcanyst or Ramp.

If you have all the core Abyssian rares you should also have Shadow Sister Kelaino, who is another staple for the crazy healing she can give you to sustain until late game.

After that, it depends on what kind of Abyssian you want to play. With what you have you could probably make some kind of Deathwatch deck work up to Gold: toss in your Reapers, 1-2 copy of Necrotic Sphere, maybe 1 Rite, then copy the basic deck with the addition of Bloodmoon Priestess and Shadowdancer. From there, its all about refinement: by playing more games with it, you’ll get a sense of whether you need more removal or don’t have a good curve (Abyssian can be lacking in the 3 drops)

Some things you might want to consider:

  • Cryptomancer is a huge enabler for Lilithe since it allows her to flood the board early.

  • The different Abyssian variants have their own designated finishers: Deathfire Crescendo for Deathwatch and Obliterate for Creep. However, Spectral Revenant is a better and more flexible card than either of those two.

  • Rite and Necrotic Sphere are both solid cards for different scenarios, but they’ll clog up your hand because of their high mana cost. 1 or 2 copies of each is typically enough.

  • Reaper of the Nine Moons and Black Solus are both decent cards, but Reaper is harder to play around and trickier to remove: Black Solus is scary, but in practice he’s about as threatening as a Brightmoss Golem, and less durable.

  • In terms of expansions, Rise of the Bloodborn is arguably the best for classic Swarm Abyssian: Punish, Furosa, Cryptographer and Grandmaster Variax are all great cards. Creepbyssian benefits most from Shimzar, with Ooz, Sphere of Darkness and Obliterate being the cards you dig for. Ancient Bonds is less useful to typical Abyssian decks.

  • From the cards you should have, start with Gloomchaser, Soulshatter Pact, Daemonic Lure, Wraithling Swarm and Dark Transformation. They basically make up the meat of what Abyssian needs most: mana tile control, cheap removal, hard removal and a pseudo finisher.


Your best choice is building a budget swarm deck. Something like this
Sphere of darkness x3
Zyx x3
Furosa x3 (if you have it)
Criptographer x3 (same, replace it with gloomchaser)
Daemonic lure x3
Ephemeral shroud x2
Wraithlings swarm x3
Saberspine tigerx3
Sojouner x2
Soul shatter pact x3
Bloodmoon priestess x3
Shadow dancer x3
Black solus x?
Sphere of darkness x1-2
Rite of the undervault 1-2
First sword of akrane x2

That’s just an example but I think it works.
For crafting look at the comment above


Thanks for tips. I mostly play swarm abyssian so now i’m saving spirits for deathfire crescendo. Black Solus was nice card in my last plays because my opponents were using all removal/dispels on deathwatch minions, will prob. change it into something later. Reaper of the nine moons was fine if i was able to get both that 5 dmg and good minion out of it (like ironcliffe guardian) but will change it too. here is my current deck for more tips.


Looks too good for silver)

I’d probably get rid of some of 5-drops, however. Maybe, reapers and 1 sword have to go. I’d add blaze hounds if you have them, since you have only very late rite as your draw option. Also you may consider saberspine tigers, which are both minions and removal in their place.


what about sojourner?


I used to think Sojo was a waste of space in Abyss decks, much like those Healing Mystics when you begin to refine your deck, but I’ve played it more recently and it’s not bad. Especially if you decide to use something to counter the meta game like Breath of the Unborn.

As far as dropping 5 drops, I would definitely get rid of Solus before Reaper. Reaper really punishes greedy lists and while I love Solus, it’s just too slow.

Revenant might even be better to craft than DFC, swarm is terrible in this meta save for hyper swarm, so Revenant fits in most decks and Shadow Watcher is a mediocre filler in low ranks.

Oh, and fix your one ofs. Pick one of them and take two instead, or better yet drop both, shrouds/lures/banishing could all go to 3 ofs and you’ll have more than enough removal.


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