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Need help building an Infest deck

Any ideas that could work or is this a lost cause?

(I am willing to add Serpenti to the deck if necessary).

Problem with infest is that it only works vs swarm, and is still very easy to play around.


Here’s Seeds of Infest from my Abyss deckspace. For full use of Infest, cards you may wanna consider are Komodo Hunter and Spriggin.

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Why are there so many spell? And why echoing shriek?

Can you really pilot this deck? XD

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The deck did pretty well on Frostfire, not that it’s maybe too great above silver tho :stuck_out_tongue: with Abjudicator, you can do nice combos like Lure+Infest+Grasp, which can be between 6 and 12 face damage and a full board clear. Everything in this deck is meant to burn the opponent down, while many cards double as removal. Solo decks are obviously the worst matchup.

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Shrek is mainly for the lolz, but it actually synergizes well with Infest. Just remember to cast it first and then Infest, since transforming sadly gets rid of Infest’s effect.

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Hahahhaaha infest…i thought it was dead a long time ago ;-;

I’ve been theorycrafting lately, but I don’t think I’ll ever actually craft the card. Lure and Grasp are must haves, I think, and after that it’s pretty unexplored territory.

Personally I want to try Ooz and that creep teleportation spell combined with Thunderhorn, Infest and Grasp to pull off some cool positioning shenanigans.

I like the spell reduction idea though, I never would’ve thought of that.

First theorycraft of jankiness: bagoum.com/db/7ux

I think you’re better off putting more stronk dudes there to combo with Nethermeld than using it with Infest (like my Teenage Mutant Ninja Bulls which was and is a very fun deck): yay another self-promotion chance hehe

There’s potential in the idea though, just hard to see how that decktype would actually benefit from Infest #endofftopic


Yeah my Nethermeld decks are a completely different set of styles. I just tossed a few in so you can do a few cool plays as well. Of course a Nethermeld deck would be better, but that isn’t the point of this thread.

The way I see it is you Infest something, then spend your later turns luring and teleporting and Punishing them to keep the damage chain going. So I thought Nethermeld could work (but I have no idea, still not crafting Infest)

The biggest problem of that chain over multiple turns is how to keep their minions alive for a turn, so that they don’t just kill their infested minions and get rid of the effect. Abjud partially solves that problem, as you can bbs+Grasp+Infest as early as 4 mana for an immediate big payoff.

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Have you checked @sinpathy 's deck (https://forums.duelyst.com/t/top-10-anime-betrayals-the-deck-aggro-deck-of-unplayable-cards/12590)
Dunno if good but has very interesting ideas.


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