Need feedback and tips on my deck, I'm a new player!


Hey, I’m a few days into this game, came here from the Humble Bundle promo, and I have to say I wish I had known about this game earlier! I’ve been spamming my Vetruvian deck and I want some help and tips on it!
Here is the list:
x1 Scioness Sajj
x2 Rae
x3 Siphon Energy
x3 Scion’s First Wish
x2 Cosmic Flesh
x2 Ephemeral Shroud
x2 Golem Metallurgist
x2 Healing Mystic
x2 Pax
x2 Pyromancer
x2 Scion’s Second Wish
x2 Shiro Puppydragon
x2 Staff of Y’Kir
x1 Golem Vanquisher
x1 Mogwai
x2 Wildfire Ankh
x2 Entropic Decay
x1 Grincher
x1 Keeper Of The Vale
x1 Eclipse
x2 Dark Nemesis
x2 Paddo

PS: Pretty much all of the legendaries in this deck are pulls from the the 20 free Humble Bundle Spirit Orbs, I have not spent any money on this game yet.


Well you definitely want to cut the golems. They aren’t a very strong archetype and you aren’t running nearly enough to get what little synergy there is. The artifact subtheme also should either be cut completely or expanded on so you’re actually getting value out of them. It’s not terrible, but you generally want more consistency, less cards with 2 copies and more with 3.


Thanks :smiley:


Ok. Your biggest problem is that you have 1 creature that cost 4 mana and 1 creature that costs give. That’s way to little, you should have at least 3 4 drops (creature that cost 4) and 5 five drops. As you play more you can change these numbers a little for example, if you decide you want to play a very aggressive deck take out two five drops and put in more threes and fours, but generally this is a good starting point. The reason for this is that the 4 mana mark is where cards start to get a lot stronger per mana cost. Take prius shieldmaster for example, it can almost any two cost card in one hit and most there cost cards as well. Furthermore it has provoke a great ability. What this means is that if you can be the first one to play a 4 drop and next turn follow it up with a five drop you will be in lead.
Now specific suggestions. If your at all ok with dissenchanting you should do so for your two paddos it’s not used in any decks by experienced players. If your ok with dissenchanting a little aggressively in order to get a better deck quicker, also get rid of golem vanquisher, dark nemesis and eclipse, these also aren’t used in any top level decks but unlike paddo you do see them from time to time, dark nemesis being the best.
With this spirit absolutely create:
3 falcius
1 pax
1 oasis
1 dominate will
3 jaxi
3 prius fist
3 dancing blades
2 diotas (might not have spirit left)
After you got these guys should save spirit for:
2 nimbus (this is the best five cost minion in the game)
2 amara healer
You should include all these in your deck along with 3 1st and 2nd wishes. Cut all but 1 - 2 seven cost minions a lot of new players include too many high cost cards so you can do very well by being aggressive. Cut the golems, put in 3 saberspine tigers, probably take out cosmic flesh if your short of room in your deck. Don’t need mogwai Vetruvian already has good card draw but if you want more use blade hound, as long as your a fast deck it doesn’t matter that your oppent also draws, that being said if your opponent has 1 card left and you have 3 or more cycle blade hound.
Finally when playing this deck try not to use spells on jaxi, he’s there to bait out your opponnents dispell cards so they can’t deal with diotas and 2nd wish. Also turn 1 should always have a card to play. Going first best option is pax in front of your general after going forward, otherwise play so that the minion can walk onto the top or bottom mana told next turn.
Sorry of this is long but doing this should give you a deck capable of going to gold ranks. Good luck


Just re- read your decklist. You’ll also want to cut rae and staff (falcius is usually enough damage boost for the occasional bloodborn spell) and grincher too random amd too little health for the mana cost. You’ll also need to lose some 2 drops shiro can be good but is very fragile and usually only used is abbyssia swarm decks.


Add me as Phayze in game and I’ll be happy to take a look over your deck and tweak it as we play through matches with it. I am a Vet main after all.