Need Dev Assistance ASAP Please - Bug Issue - Win tracked as Loss


I just won my S-rank qualifying game, but got a snag error afterwards and when I viewed my profile it shows up as a loss. I watched the replay and it shows me winning it. I immediately sent a note/email to Support, but when researching stuff online it looks like it could take a day or 2 to get a response. I really want to continue playing, but as you can imagine I’m a little upset that I won the game that would get me to S-rank and due to a bug/error I didn’t get it. I really don’t want to wait around a couple of days and would appreciate some Dev assistance in getting this corrected. Please and Thank You!


Hi, when the “We hit a snag” error occurs our system should correct itself in a bit, but on rare occasions, it will not correct itself. This is something we are looking to fix, but it’s fairly tricky. Apologies for the inconvenience, but if it does not correct itself we cannot manually credit the win.


I’m sorry, but this is not an acceptable answer to the problem. Waiting around hoping that it magically fixes itself seems like a line to just allow time to pass and the issue to get buried. It would be one thing if the win was after I had just hit a rank tier, but this win was the one that would put me into S-Rank… I went from elated to pissed off in a matter of seconds. The integrity of the game is compromised if you allow wins to be tracked as losses or vice-versa.