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Need constructive criticism of this deck

Silver player here playing on budget. I made an aggro deck using duel-spot and substituted some cards. Any thoughts on how to improve this deck?


Honestly, it’s hard to improve on a budget. I’ll say that saberspine tiger is often not spectacular. Perhaps getting blood of air and reader to 3 copies would help.


what cards should I get once I have enough spirit to craft some cards?

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You should probably not play vet if you want to go budget since they are not very good at it.

Magmar and Lyonar are the best budget-factions


I have a couple decks for magmar and lyonar. I needed a vet deck for if I have to complete the vet quest so I made this one.


Idk. I mean, if you want to play fault, then yeah, you’ll need fault and Ka which aren’t budget friendly.

But you still have the golem suite and 5 mana removal package both at low rarities. Vet should be a feasible budget-friendly faction.

Or do you want to eradicate sand people? :eyes:


I am quite certain that lyonar and especially ragnora have far more powerfull budget-options, since all is based on comparisons that means that vet is not a very good budget-choice.

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By faction, these are some pricier power picks:


Arclyte Regalia, Holy Immolation, Alabaster Titan, Aperion’s Claim, Trinity Oath


Makantor Warbeast, Lavaslasher, Saurian Finality


Cataclysmic Fault (might make others unhappy :slightly_frowning_face:), Khanuum-Ka, grapnel paradigm (great with Ciphyron)


Desolator, Furor Chakram


Crescent Spear, scroll bandit, Juxtaposition, battle panddo


Luminous Charge, Gravity Well, grandmaster embla (all pair well with winter’s wake)


Letigress, Decimus (if you own tectonic spikes), Inquisitor Kron, Spelljammer (if you need more copies), Theobule (great for replace deck memes)


I have some of those cards but only 1-2 copies


My version of aggro vet looks like this. Personally, I’m not of golems in aggro vet because I think devishes are better for the aggro route. Mainly when you have Dunecaster and Fireblaze Obelysk. The only thing I will say is that if you don’t have a lot of experience with playing Obelysks, then my advice is that sometimes the RNG nature of them can be annoying but somewhat controlled with placement.


That’s an understatement. The RNG play such a big role that sometimes your minions wont be able to hit anything at all. Or they all get the range to hit face. That sort of RNG can win or lose games. I wish all obelysks just spawned a dervish using the closest available space (battle pet attack rules).


I would add 4&5 mana golems to your deck. 1 EMP would also be useful as backup.

Tiger, Blaze & Primus Fist would get cut.

That would cost only a lil or nothing at all and add a lot more power on turn 2&3.
But it is a dead end, golems will only get you sofar.

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Furor Chakram is only rare, I’d say is budget


The wind dervishes would then need to be battle pets as well to compensate. Obelysks are pretty damn scary with a perfectly consistent rng.


Maybe, but the enemy can influence where the dervish spawns too, and if the generals switch sides during the match the dervishes all spawn on the wrong side of the obelysks. But you still might be right. Making them into battle pets just seems too excessive of a nerf though. Maybe just nerf something else?

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I should stress that the full set of both Blood of Air and Sandwhirl Reader is a must in almost ANY Vet deck.

I recommend crafting and adding those ASAP.


This sounds crazy to me since I believe the exact opposite to be true; that Vetruvian is overall the best faction for budget deckbuilding. This is because the faction has so many staple cards that are played in practically every deck (even at the highest competitive levels) and they are all low rarity: 2-drop Golems, First Wish, Sandswirl, Blood of Air. By starting with these cards you’ve invested only just over a thousand spirit, already have half your deck built, and have tools to do well in every stage of the game. You can fill out your deck with pretty much whatever else and still have success. The only faction that can really compete in this regard is Magmar, and that’s only because of Ragnora and all of the busted Egg synergy cards that are at low rarities. For the faction as a whole, I feel like Vetruvian is the clear winner.

To contribute to the main discussion (but informed by the points above): the first thing to do is complete the playsets of Sandswirl, Blood of Air, and Dreamshaper (if you choose to stick with Golems), and probably also Bone Swarm, while cutting the Saberspines. Other than that it looks pretty good. Once you accumulate a more significant spirit reserve, the third Spelljammer is a must for Aggro decks, but beyond that there’s a few different ways you could customize things.

Some sample lists for more ideas of how Vetruvian aggro can be built:
My personal list, built around Opening Gambits and Dervish synergies.

Aggro Sajj, which plays a little differently, running Fireblaze Obelysk + Accumulonimbus as a dedicated finisher. Here’s Geo’s list (taken from the Power Rankings).

Not too long ago I wrote up a primer on my own budget version of Aggro Sajj, which performed pretty well. However, if you don’t have any Wildfire Ankhs to replace the Staffs, I would actually recommend using Zirix as general for the list as is for slightly better synergy.


thanks, ill try out these decks once i have enough spirit.
My current deck right now is doing pretty well in silver and have actually beated some gold players that i got matched up against.


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