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Need advice on what orbs to buy


Hey i started playing duelyst around a month ago and logged a ton of hours on it. I have spent 160$ between core spirit orbs and all the expansion orbs, i just picked up another 160$ and was trying to figure out if i should get the core spirit orbs again, or go for the shimzar orbs this time… Any help would be appreciated. I’m trying to get cards for songhai at the moment if that helps make a choice.


I would say get the Core orbs as it can give you a better cards. Shimzar has lots of battlepets, that you wouldnt want, especially for playing songhai. If you want anything from Shimzar, best to just craft it.


I don’t know how many orbs that is, but I’d just go with whatever you have the least amount of commons in.

If you have all commons, I’d go 2/3rds core and 1/3rd Shim Zar.


First off, Jesus Christ, that is a lot of money.
Second, I assume you have both AB and RotB finished?
In that case, go for core orbs, they have higher legendary drop chances, after you all of the necessary core cards, then go for the Shim’zar ones, which you can do either by trying your luck in Shim’zar orbs OR opening cores anyway for their higher average spirit drop rate and simply crafting them.


Yeah I really like this game, and feel the developers put alot of work into it, and still work on updates regulary, so I will spend money like this to support them.


Wow. Look through your collection and find what you want. Then open orbs from that expansion.

If your luck is bad and you dont expect to actually get it, buy core orbs. Apparently they have higher rarity drop rates than shimzar. Then craft what you want.

Or you could save up for the next expansion that will hit next month


yeah i noticed when i bought some shimzar last time, I wasn’t getting any legendaries, and when i bought the core orbs, i got a ton of legendaries, so basically i just broke down the legendaries i had copies of and created some of the shimzar cards.


Sure, but getting lucky and drawing 1 Shim Zar legendary you want saves you having to spend 3 converted-to-dust core legendaries.

And Core may be 10%? more likely to give legendaries, not 300%.


That is deffinately true.


You also could wait till the new expansion to use your money on that. I am thinking about that. With Shim’Zar they did a preorder deal. Either I get that or I do it completely f2p because I have a good amount of spirit available.


So T2k5’s scripts will tell you the ‘spirit value’ of a core vs. a Shim’zar orb, depending on your collection. So if you have a ton of core cards, it will tell you that Shim’zar are worth more because there’s a greater chance to get cards you don’t already have, even if the drops rates are worse from Shim’zar orbs. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong.)

The rest is my recollection from a post that I think was on Reddit:

If you haven’t already bought RotB/AB, I believe one of the best ways to maximize spirit per dollar is to buy 12 individual packs and then the full 13 afterwards. The bronze and starter bundles also represent good value, obviously; the silver and gold are a bit better than buying orbs in bulk, iirc.

Finally, I also recall that the boss battle crates represent better spirit value than the orb packs in the store. So you might want to set some aside to put $5(?) a week into that.


Can’t find that post anywhere. And I’m not going to do the math to confirm :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks! Although the post I couldn’t find was the one where someone did the math comparing the spirit value of various ways of spending your money. I was just too lazy to link to the scripts!


For a more technical response, here’s how my script calculates the average value of the next orb:

This is run separately for each rarity with the correct values, and the results are summed together. This is per card, so the value is then multiplied by 5 for the orb’s value.

currentRarityAverageValue = 
((rarityCraftCost * (1 - ownedPercentage) 
+ rarityDisenchantCost * ownedPercentage) * rarityDroprate) 
+ ((rarityPrismaticCraftCost * (1 - ownedPrismaticPercentage) 
+ rarityPrismaticDisenchantCost * ownedPrismaticPercentage) * rarityPrismaticDroprate);

But yeah, it’s extremely unlikely for Shimzar orbs to be more valuable than core. Some reference values calculated with my method:

My main account
CORE: 99% normal, 68.8% prismatic, orb value: 258
SHIMZAR: 98.9% normal, 67.7% prismatic, orb value: 217

Smurf with about 100 games, hard-disenchanted for a single faction
CORE: 28.2% normal, 1.4% prismatic, orb value: 666 :smiling_imp:
SHIMZAR: 1.4% normal, 0.7% prismatic, orb value 647

A completely fresh account, no games, no orbs, so basic cards only from core
CORE: 15.1% normal, 0% prismatic, orb value: 713
SHIMZAR: 0% normal. 0% prismatic, orb value 651


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