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Need advice on the viability of this control deck

Any ideas on how I could make it better? Which cards should I remove and which should I keep?
I’d rather keep hearth-sister and thunderhorn if possible because they have proven to be my favorite cards so far.
Thank you for reading my post :smiley:


Looks pretty rough. If you want to play control strategies I recommend Ice Age or Ramp. Neither are true control decks, but they’re the few decks in Duelyst that rely on late-game cards.


When I see Eyolith I expected it to go with Blinding Snowstorm as a slow enemy and spam Warbird plan.
As a general guide you should have 9 X 2 drops.
Aspect of Mountains works better with cheaper minions. Doesn’t look like there are many good targets.
Maybe Mentor instead of Sojourner.


and Cryptographer, cause


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