Need advice on my vetruvian deck


I don’t know if its just a bad deck or if its the fact that i’m new to the game. any advice on the deck would really help me


Plenty that can be improved but there’s a lot you can learn. Short answer I’d say is to remove Fate, Psychic and Flameblood. Can put in more later so feel free to add me in game (same name)


request sent friendo. and my only qualm with that is if i get rid of me psychic conduit i won’t be able to deal with ranged minions.


accepted :slight_smile:


If you’re playing aggro, which it looks like you are, your deck looks pretty great except for Saon, Conduit, Fate Watcher and you should be playing Zirix.

After that just fill your deck with three ofs, notably Flameblood, Tiger, Rashas and Primus, since those are your sources of out of hand damage, critical when trying to finish off a fleeing opponent.


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