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Need advice on Midrange Argy

Hello, I’m trying to start playing Lyonar. I especially want to play some midrange Argeon stuff. As I don’t have any cards in Lyonar, I would like you guys to tell me what are the most important ones to craft (epic and legendaries) and if possible a deck for midrange Argeon. Thanks :slight_smile:


  • Holy Immo
  • Trinity Salt
    and to a lesser extent,
  • Circle of Life


  • Arclyte Reg
  • Tree of Apes
  • Golemkeeper (for golem decks only)

Lots of other stuff are below legendary/epic or are reserved for mlem decks. Decimate might be worth a look, but isn’t used too often anymore

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Elyx is strong too.

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Check Argeon here, in unrated section, maybe you’ll get some ideas:


Argeon also can gain advantages from Sunstrike and Sunforge lancer. Sunstrike sometimes can be better to reach distant enemies and needs no minions to base like Holy Immo. 3 damage compared to 4 is sadly a big difference. I like Sunforge lancer since these are real threats if you run even just some heal synergies. Increasing the attack power of your general for even just some turns has a big impact and helps a lot against Magmar, Songhai and other Lyonar. I use them in Zir’an, Titan and Tempo Lyonar lists.


Hope that helps


Golemkeeper…you mean peace keeper?
That card sucks,even in golem decks


Just make Death’s tempo Argeon deck. Straightforward, effective. And don’t craft peacekeepers or Elyx stormblades, no one uses those. Sorry @mmf and @loliconartist.

Instant edit: I’m willing to personally vouch for the deck, it’s currently the only Argeon deck I run at all, and I have a lot of fun with it. It has all the stuff I liked about older tempo Argeon decks, but the inclusion of big high-cost answers to top out the mana curve lets it deal with a lot of problems. And since it leaves spelljammers out, it doesn’t feed cards to the opponent like other tempo Argeon builds.


Wow, the deck looks really good.

Too bad I don’t have Aperion.

new tempo argeon has become alot faster with the introduction of mythrons, so holy immo and gryphon fledgeling carry it a bit

craft it, plebian

If only I got some spirit for every time someone on forums tries to be smartass.



This is more tempo than midrange, but I figured I’d drop it. Tempo arg got some pretty nice tools with the expansion. Lifestream is incredible with riftwalker and warlock. Walker in particular is nice vs slower decks, as 8 cores enables you to immo anywhere on the board and kill anything thunderhorn-sized at the very least. Combine with some early game favorites like lion, silverguard, and the still-broken sentinel-BTA opener, and it’s very easy to tempo most opponents out.

Definitely wouldn’t put it over a well-crafted wanderer, but it’s definitely viable.


Gryphon fledging man. Trust me.


Thanks a lot for all your replies !
I also had a meme-ish idea and I was wondering if it could work:
Play Brome with a lot of provoke minions and a control deck. On 7 mana, play Mnemovore and Steadfast Formation. Mnemore gets removed because it is duelyst we’re talking about, duh and next turn, play Amaranthine Vow to summon Mnemovore + a lot of provoke minions and almost mill out the other guy. Does this even work? Is it playable?

I dont believe that giving a minion provoke summons it back from vow


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