Need Advice on Creep Deck


Hello guys,

I’ve been lucky on some Shimzar orbs and got mostly Abyssian Legendary stuff.
So I decided to board the hype train and gave a shot at Creep.

I’m currently stuck at 11, hard for me to make it to gold, I keep stuck, with 50% win rate :frowning:

How can I improve my deck, for your information, I have 1000ish Spirit available, not many more.

Thanks for further advice.

Newbie stuck on Gold 10 with Cassy deck.. Need help/advice!
Need some help/improvements for my deck! (Creep Cassyva)
How could I improve this deck?

-2 repulsor -1 dancing blades -1 darkspine -1 jug -1 dark trans

+1 shroud +3 shieldmaster +2 specblade/mystic

I just took a quick look and noted how I’d change it. I didn’t give it too much thought but I tried to make it more consistent. I assume you don’t have more spec revs and klaxons so I made the suggestions accordingly.


Thanks @raqyee, I’ll give a try.
About Shieldmaster, I also have a Bonereaper, or Whistling Blade, but I feel it may mess with the curve …
I also have a Whistling Blade but same same, too expensive.

No need for a second Obliterate ?
If I craft something with my 1000 Spirit, what should it be ? A Klaxon I guess ?

I also guess this kind of deck won’t drive me past gold rank ? … as it seems everybody is playing that or Vetruvian there :frowning:

(yeah, that’s a lot of questions but … it’s the right place for that :stuck_out_tongue: )


Shieldmaster is just great all around. About what to craft I’m not really sure. Specrev is one of the most broken cards in the game and great in every abyss deck but klaxon supports the archetype more. You want to get both eventually if you want to run this deck for reals so I guess it doesn’t really matter. About second obl, some people run 1 and some run 2, either way I wouldn’t craft it unless you really think you’re not drawing it consistently enough when you need it the most.


Ok, I have 2x Hydrax and 1 Golem Vanquisher I can disenchant. With the spirit left and this newI think I can make 1x Klaxon and 1x SpecRev … that’s very tempting :laughing:


Do it. You will never ever play Vanquisher and hydrax anyways.


Argh, that’s hard for me, that’s all my Spirit left, and some Legendaries …

Very difficult, struggling …

:wink: :wink: :wink:


Hydrax is just a worse dance of memes soo :smiley:


maybe replace the L’kians with sojourners or rite of the undervaults since you are unlikely to need cards outside your deck

you dont need the dancing blades or repulsor beasts. add some kelainos and spectral blades to keep you alive.

and your disenchants will go to a worthy cause. every abyssian deck should have at least 2 revenants


To get Kelainos, I need 7 more core rare = 700 Spirit.

So what now ?
Klaxon and SpecRev ?
Klaxon and Kelainos ?
Kelainos and SpecRev ?

Is there a point to get all 3 in my deck ? +1 Klaxon, +1 SpecRev, +3 Kelainos ?!
Cause I have a Lyonar Aegis Barrier and a Grand Master Zir that I don’t specially like/use.

You all sure only one unique Obliterate ius enough ?


2 kaleions is pretty good. But I wouldn’t waste 700 spirit on them especially if it’s your goal to reach gold for the time being. Wait until you open couple more abyssian rares and then craft it.

Yeah, it is a good idea to have all 3 cards you mentioned in the deck. They’re kind of staples after all. And again, 1 obliterate is probably enough. It’s an 8 mana card and considering the game has a replace mechanic, finding it in time shouldn’t be that hard. Even if you needed two of those you probably want to craft specrev or klaxon first anyway so no worries. And not to mention how you already have alternate win cons in from of specrevs and azalea.


Ok, I scrapped all the spirit I could !

Now it looks like a “pro” deck :laughing: … I just have to learn the skill it deserves :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to comment if any more tuning is needed, for now, I’m gonna test it right now.

Thanks a lot nice people for your enlighted advices :wink:


I think you should get rid of the novas entirely. They contribute very little and are a negative tempo play by nature.
Also I would recommend swapping L’kians for Sojourners for a better curve and overall better card draw mechanic in this kind of deck specifically.
Lastly I would cut 1 Dark Transformation.
I suggest filling the blanks with a third Kelaino and Juggernaut and the last slot for either another Dancing Blades or another 3 drop. I can recommend Skorn, it has synergies with Kelaino and OOz and overall is a pretty good card.


Thanks @Althur I’m gonna try that.

7 matches, 5 loss, seems everybody and his mother is playing same all Vetruvian or Lyonar decks.
At least my worrying about crossing many Creepers as I … is wiped away :rolling_eyes:

Quick update : since last changes …


Congrats on the rank 10! Ironically I’m in a reverse boat, I was right about to hit rank 10 but I don’t want to enter that killers row and never get another daily win this month so I switched to a creep Abyssian specifically to get a bunch of losses. I still tried to make it the best I coudl and I still play it as best I can, but its worked, haven’t won a match since trying Abyssian creep and now I’ve got some breathing room between me and not winning anymore.

I just can’t seem to make creep do anything useful for me, I’ve gotten lots of darkspine elementals out with lots of creep, lots of byssal juggernaut with lots of creep, I’ve hit all his troops with night fiends, but it all just seems like a lot of work for not much pay off. To be fair though I’ve yet to draw any of my 3 ghost azalea or my lone obliterate (well yet to draw the obliterate late enough to actually afford to play it). Feels very much like an all or nothing combo deck when there are other stratedgies that still hold up well when the combos don’t come together… but then thats why I tried it when I wanted some losses, thats my favorite time to try new things, never try to lose, but intentionally use strategies I’ve wanted to give a shot but didn’t want to lose my rank for.


Currently the deck is refining and looks like this :

I’m still not happy with these 2x Dancing Swords, most of the time I have no use for them and end up replacing them.
I tested switching with 2x Night Fiend but too weak, loss of tempo.
Now I’m gonna try 2x Ritual Banishing, could have synergy with 3xJax and 2xKlaxon (that sometimes are just Repulsor-ed at the other empty side of the board).

Any advices for polishing ?
Maybe 2x Reaper of the 9 Moons ?


I think your problem is you’re trying to play too hard around your creep. Darkspine elemental and Nightfiend are pretty weak.
In a perfect world, you would simply plop down two abyssal crawlers on turn one and then kinda ignore the creep mechanic all together.
Play Abyssal juggernaut as a stat stick if you have two or more creep tiles, use sphere of darkness as a 1 damage ping (the creep tile is a bonus) the 3/3 snail is kinda like a jade monk, deals 1 damage to a random enemy when it takes damage. You play Klaxon as a 6/6 provoke and then let its dying whish do its thing. Then eventually you can either play ghost azaela as a super buffed weapon or obliterate your opponent for lethal