Naming Contest Community Voting


That hurts…

Well, I tried.

Congrats to the winner, and thanks for everyone who voted for aphelio!


I don’t know why but I’m terribly upset about this.


Its still extremely hard to name a card without knowing its rarity.


They said the rarity wasnt set in stone, so you could name him and that would decide the rarity. If you feel like he would be a legendary, give it a legendary name and he would be a legendary card. Same for other rarities.

That makes me think… what will this guy’s rarity be?
I’m guessing epic, maybe rare.


Seriously disappointing that Archy McArchface was not one of the voting options. :frowning:


…and just when @Ryvirath figured this thread would die a glorious auto-lock death…:kissing_heart:

Yay @maelrawn!


it will never die


Literally about to post the exact same thing when I saw this.