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I don’t want to be that guy, but Dawnbringer just sounds so boring. :frowning: I feel like it’s used in every game that it can apply to.


fite me about it



Ok I feel like plurals need working on, when names are being selected for a single unit.

First we got Ghost Seraphim, which should really be Seraph (unless my eyes deceive me and there’s more than one on the card), now in the options there is Sagittarii (which means archer s).


Just saying, but I feel like the reasoning could be shown here, in a spoiler or something. I feel like it’s an important aspect of the name too.


I agree

Because aphelio doesn’t really mean anything to the people that don’t know what it is supposed to be


We aren’t going to get the reasoning in game, so why should we get it here?


First, you can get the reasoning in game, be it as part of the lore or simply because it was a special event (like the Seven Sisters code text)

Second, I don’t know about you, but I personally like to know the reasons behind whatever choices I make, be it the winning name for the card or, say, my next laptop.


If you’re that curious you can go back on the original locked thread and see what the creator posted when they came up with the name :smiley: Its a bit of a hassle but if it influences your decision… That being said, I definitely think its worth mentioning the reasoning behind the name here, unless they’re obscenely long or something


I agree man, no personality in that name at all.


Aphelio actually makes sense, because aphelion is a term relating to the Sun. The Sun doesnt bring the dawn, it just comes from dawn.


Aphellio sux and should die



He’s back.


3 hours left

People who couldnt decide what to vote for, now is the time


Okay then



Half an hour left folks. Get your votes in now or forever hold your peace! Currently Dawnbringer is at first with Solpiercer and Arclyte Huntress bringing up the rear. Are you happy with these results? If you aren’t you should vote! And if you are…well you should still vote, the race is mighty close!


Why is voting still open?


Hey guys. I gave it an extra ten minutes because I needed to step away. But the contest is over!!!
The winner is Solpiercer!

Congratulations to all the participants!
Your winners are:
1st - Solpiercer by deekester
2nd - Dawnbringer by Jaded_Kronos
3rd - Arclyte Huntress by quasipro

Five random winners:

Thanks everyone for participating! This was an awesome contest and you all had some wicked submissions.
Rewards will be sent out later today, and Solpiercer will show up in the game in the future!

Congratz to Deekester and all of the winners!

As always feel free to let me know what you liked and didn’t like about the contest, what you’d like to see improved and what contests you may want to see in the future.
*pm only please


the contest was great, this kind of thing is really fun, even if my entry was a silly one :slight_smile: I hope to see more of this in the future


Congratulations to the winner!

Also thanks to everyone that voted for my entry - Sunstone Warden!


Now I actually prefer the name Frontline Archer the most…
Anyways, congrats to Solpiercer!