Naming Contest Community Voting


Alright guys, we are going into the community voting phase. We got a tremendous amount of entries and a ton of fantastic names came out because of it.

These top 8 chosen are the ones we felt best represented the sprite and we are excited to see what one will come out on top!

The community voting phase will run from 05.13.2017 - 05.15.2017 3pm EST

Bear in mind any accounts created during this contests duration will have their votes be counted as ineligible to prevent multi-account voting.

So here is your top 8!

  • Sunstone Warden
  • Dawnbringer
  • Silverguard Sagittarii
  • Arclyte Sharpshooter
  • Aphelio
  • Arclyte Huntress
  • Skyflare Ranger
  • Solpiercer

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Best of luck to all the top 8! The participation prizes will be distributed at the end of the contest along with all the other prizing.


I thought Silverguard Sagittari was Silverstone Spaghetti so imma vote for that :blush:


Am I allowed to vote for myself?


I see 3 good ones that I’d struggle to vote between, so if I can only choose one, I’m personally going to opt out.


Nah, just wait till the end. See if any of the three get near the top, and if one of them gets close, but is beaten by one you dont like. THEN you vote


Really liking the Sunstone and Silverguard names, but I’m leaning more towards Arclyte since it feels more like a sharper, ranger kind of unit. Besides, Arc=Bow and its an Archer so…


I feel like you should give us the rarity of the card for the next contest. If its a common rarity, it should have a more bog standard name, while a epic or legendary should have a personal name. It’s hard to decide if we are naming a random soldier or a legendary hero.



Can I vote for my own entry? Not that I wanna win that badly, but it is the one I like the most.


Everyone is more than welcome to vote for their own entry for sure! :smiley:


I wish i could vote for myself…


Voting for me would be just as good :wink:


“Arclyte Huntress” - Most votes
"Arclyte Sharpshooter" - Least votes

I’m really sad now.


ask yourself this question
would you rather have this image

in your fan art/fiction
as a huntress (feminine)
or as a sharpshooter (gender neutral)
now ask that question to the internet at large
you have your answer


I mean would you rather have
Huntress (Which humanizes and classifies her)
or Sharpshooter (Which alludes to their mystery but doesn’t reveal anything)


Or option C: Midline Archer


think of the fan art


We don’t get “special” fan-art on the cards.


Why not?

I’m sure someone has done it…


it looks like a recolored emerald rejuvenator + bow


now that you mention it :thinking: