Name of the 2nd Expansion (Bloodborn Interactions) (Forum Game)


Hey everyone, Alexicon1 here.

Really simple. Try and guess the name of the next expansion, and see who can get the closest to it! I look forward to seeing the imaginative names the community comes up with.

So, we’ll start with my guess, I have no clue what to put here


We have virtually no lore on Shim’Zar or Bloodborn spells. Which I don’t really care about because I’ll still try to guess with lore.

Alcuin’s Masters.


I think that could Alcuin could be the “setting” for the next expansion. The Alcuin Loremasters and the other dudes there all study spells and such things. So maybe they just had a breakthrough in their understanding of the Bloodborn state and Bloodborn Spells.

Eyos’ Heirs.


Refers to Bloodborn creatures with Aperion’s blood. Why Eyos then ? Because it sounded cool and Aperion being it’s succesor, I thought it’d make a tiny bit of sense.

Blood Ties/ Bloodbonds


Changed after a bit of thinking. Basically I thought of this because of the interaction with BBSes, there would be Blood Ties. Or Bloodbonds as defined by the contest.


Ang’mar Preeminence
Khara’kum Supremacy
Battleborn Epidemic (Battleborn Spells have minds of their own…and just love to battle!)


Memories of the Ash Valley


Suggested tagline for expansion : “Make Bloodborn great again”

(too soon ?)


Phantom Bloodborne

Bloodeborne Tendency

Bloodborne Crusaders

Bloodborne Are Unbreakable

Vento Aureo

Stone Bloodborne

Steel Bloodborne Run



Denizens of Bloodbornland

You saw it here first


My dreams said the expansion will be named: People of The Free Cities. I dunno why, but you should trust me cause I am magical


Denizens of Shim’Zar 2: The revenge
The Xaan Supremacy
The Desolation of Akram
Deladriss’s Nightmare
Beyond the Opaline Gates
Into the Undervault
Beneath the Monolith


More flavourful guesses this time:

Scars of God’s Heel
The Paradoxal Prophecy
Atar’s Lost Works
Sleeping Titans
A Tale of Two Trees


The Inxikrah Wars

Still think they will be the 7th faction


Guardians of Gods Heal
because I think that the bloodborn things have a relation to the great tree and I think in some way they are ment to be guardians of its power


Raiders of the undervault.
Secrets of the blood moon
Denizens of Shar
Rasha’s origins


Valt Rheal …


The Lumberjacks of Aperion

“Time to chop it all down for firewood firesale.”


Second Serpenti Surprise :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary:


Denizens of Blim’zar.


The blood-dimmed tide

This is a quote from Yeat’s poem, the Second Comming, aka the poem that is read in the CG trailer for the game. I figured that it would relate to Bloodborn spells in some way.

On a side note, it would be really cool if there was an expansion involving the life on Duelyst before the collision wiped it out.


On that note

Shenanigans of Dim’Zar.


“Make trash tier factions (and Magmar) great again”, it’s going to have different name obviously but it will be basically that.