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Mythron Wanderer Ragnora


Here is small write up I did on Duelyst Central touching on key points on the deck for people unfamiliar with the deck


Great article!

How does it come, that Letigress gets mentioned in the “maybe” slot? I think it is a generally great addition to the deck as it always does something when you play it, before and after Wanderer.

You keep mentioning Shroud, but no list that you show runs it.

I think it is also important to add Greater Fortitude to the deck as it enables the Eggmorph combo, but also gives you the option to reduce your handsize early to prevent burning cards. I see a lot of Blazehounds and Spelljammers in the aggro lists that try to overpower the slightly slower start of Wanderer lists. While the burning itself can be bad, the loss of card draw is a lot worse. Greater Fortitude gives you better chances in the early game against Aggro and can close out the game with Eggmorph when your ressources run dry. What are your thoughts?


I got great insight into Wanderer decks. Thank you very much!

I’m not going to play Wanderer in near future, but all this deckbuilding choices explained make me hate Wanderer players less.



They tend to be better stuff at 5 than Tiggy mostly, I like the card though

Minion removal is good in the deck,Shroud gets played in normal Magmar decks at times.It is not a bad card and Wanderer decks can be tweaked person preference the current wanderer list are kind greedy at moment imo.I believe as counter list more settle people will get a little more defensive with Ragnora list and more removal will play over good stuff.

It is general good idea to carry greater fort and egg morph in any ragnora deck :slight_smile:


on the fortitude point, I added it to my list in place of rokadoptera a little bit ago, for some reason I forgot it existed at first :smiley:


Was it really a mystery?


Yeah, it was. Don’t see a reason for such question.


they are one of the hardest decks to optemise tbh, there is a lot to choose from


No it is not mystery but people who don’t understand Wanderer decks tend say these things

  1. They got so lucky,To draw that removal

  2. Wanderer/Highlanders deck should never be tier 1 good

  3. Because a deck is playing 1 ofs it is going to be inconsistent.

Getting people to understand the deck is pretty consistent because you can build it to be more consistent or I have 3 removal cards in my hand it is not accident when I can remove your stuff,It is not accident I have specific removal because I am holding specific removal. Simple put the deck is not as lucky as it looks to some people


This is the defense of every deck. 25-30 cards are the same. Picking your flavor isn’t that hard.



and yet it took a month before tournaments started being won by wanderer, if that doesn’t show how hard it is to optemise the deck I don’t know what does.


Nobody started mythron with wanderer. Hate furnace and starategos were un-nerfed, and 4 other mythrons were available to play around with. Doesn’t seem like a strong point to me.


hate furnace was a bug and so was banned from tournaments and thus nobody actually cared about it, strategos still has yet to actually win anything even before its nerf. people want to win these tournaments, there are cash prizes, so the fact that such a meta dominating deck as wanderer took as long as it did to come out speaks volumes as to how hard it is to build. Even now the decks are not finished and are still being tweaked, what part of that makes you think they are easy to build?


So, on one hand, told a person it is not a surprise to understand how Wanderer is good basically

Now you are saying well nobody could see that wanderer was good back then? I mean sarcastic comments are fun but you got at least be consistent. Either Wanderer is obviously good or Wanderer being good took some discovery.Which one is it?

I am going to back @improbableblob on his main point he been saying to you. How hard is this deck to optimize? It took only until last couple weeks for people to fully realize that Wanderer Brome might be the best build. The very best players in the game completely miss how good it was it so maybe isn’t obvious as you think it might be.


What are you talking about?

Kolos said that the best decks are discovered day one. :wink:

The two best decks are clearly Jax Faie and Strategos.




I’m just poking fun. (I actually think even with the nerf and unlimited card pool detriment that Strategos is still very good)

But I do completely agree about the Wanderer optimisation point, there’s so many good cards that it’s hard to squeeze them all in, and deciding what to keep in and cut is far from easy, although I do think there may be a little allowance for personal preference.

I think that before Wanderer there wasn’t really much reason to run a singleton deck and it was obvious that it was worse than a ‘normal’ deck, so nobody really had a good read on how good the deck would be; how much getting a free(ly drawn) Stormmetal Golem with ‘OG: warsurge your deck’ would improve it by.


just my thoughts against any Wanderer deck, you grasped that perfectly.

My main issue with them is actually they are free to run lots of removal minions. Not every deck can run those cause they are understated and for a reason. That is not a problem for Wanderer, any minion played becomes a threat due to that seemingly underwhelming 1/1 buff.


that non-dispelable buff on top of that.

It seems obvious but the fact that the effect is sticking around compared to other card games should get mentioned.


I noticed a few typos, but other than that solid article! Well put together, and informative. I have gained some valuable insight