Mystery Crates don't feel like a reward


I’ve played a lot of different games and never have I seen this. “You won something but to in order to get it you must pay something.” I feel that if I get a reward I shouldn’t have to pay for it and for that reason I’ll never buy a key. Anyone else feel this way?

Crates and Keys

Okay, okay. Hold up and think about it for a second.
COUNTERPLAY have been that generous with resets and gold gaining and not being pay to win like SOME games cough Hearthstone.

Yet you think we should be able to open crates containing cosmetics for free? Yes it sucks, and the reason crates are their are for Counterplay to make some sort of profit of their game, they need money as a company to afford to keep the game running. It’s simple business.


Yes they need to make money that’s why they have cosmetics in the shop all I’m saying is when something is given its not right to then want money for it.

One of the main reason s I fell in love with duelyst is its not P2W I’ve payed little compared to other games and have more


Yeah… Nothing wrong with needing to make money, but making it so you have to pay money to get something you were supposedly “rewarded” with seems more than a little jank. Like… be honest about it and just put it in the store, don’t pretend you’re giving me something then make me pay for it. It’s stupid, it’s counterintuitive and generally leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


They do this in cs:go, one of the biggest multiplayer online game ever right now so its not exactly a super huge taboo. CP needs to make money, and I guarantee you if they could give out cosmetics to you for free they would, (not even going to mention the emotes they give you already for generals when they EASILY could’ve put them behind a pay wall)but they’re primarily focused on making sure they can sustain themselves long term so we can all keep playing the game we love.
If you don’t want to spend money on this game to get cosmetics that’s fine, that doesn’t mean everything has to be free, also THEY LET YOU CRAFT EVERYTHING. I mean come on, you know how much money that’s going to make you loose if you let people craft your buy-able items. Not little amounts for sure. Come on man use your head.


I don’t expect everything for free. I’ve bought orbs and when I can I’ll be buying some of the skin’s.What I have a problem with is that when something is given to you you shouldn’t have to pay to open it.


It’s like you’re just searching for excuses so you can get upset about something. One thing is opening a crate and saying you’re not happy with the result or wanting to open lots of crates but not being able to, but this is a whole different story. Hilarious one at that. You literally created a problem out of nothing.


We all feel that way. Crates aren’t a reward, they’re a nag to get you to make a purchase. Like a pop-up ad.

Love, accept or hate it, CP’s decided they need to take the community goodwill hit to try and generate some more revenue. Which is understandable, and I trust CP to not do it frivolously. That said, I disagree with the method they’ve gone to, but of course I don’t have access to CP’s marketing data so I’m not able to make a proper cost-benefit analysis.


Crates are a standard practice in the industry, based on some well-researched psychology, that some people rightly hate. The only thing that Counterplay can do to help those is to offer scrapping them for some spirit (e.g. giving them same spirit values as cards of the same rarity). Otherwise, with the very generous card generation, they would condemn the game to go dark way too soon.


Just stop making them show up in the main menu when unopened and they’re absolutely fine.


I think the reasons the Mystery Crates annoy so many people are not difficult to grasp.

First of all, its “value” is a noob trap. It’s one thing to create and to sell things people actually want, like, say, Kara Winterblade Mark II or Snowchaser Bow or Healing Mystic emote bundle. Yeah, okay, you got me, take my $7.99 or whatever. You earned it. The Mystery Crates, however, are the value equivalent of:

The authentic Sunglasses Starhorn, Mechaz0r, and Redstark Blue cardback are genuine Counterplay Certified Epic cosmetic items which come with their own individual certificates of authenticity and easily worth $11.97, but for this limited availability special offer, you won’t even pay $10. If you order now, we will also send you this Rare Cannon of Mechaz0r profile icon and this Rare Hydrax II profile icon, a $5.98 value, absolutely free. That’s not all. If you order the key right now, we will also send you the Legendary Prismatic Astral Crusader, Epic Prismatic Aerial Lift, and 40 Spirit absolutely free!"

Secondly, the constant bombardment of insults on your intelligence is incessant. Every time you log in, there’s the notification number right there reminding you that these insults to your intelligence are “still available to you if you act now!” Then every game or two it’s another popup ad trying to peddle you the unwanted crap.

I have no problem with CPG wanting to make money off cosmetics, but c’mon. You want to make money? Hire better and smarter people to make more cosmetics that we will beg you to take our money for, not bombard us with annoying telemarketing psychology gimmicks.


Mytery Crates aren’t supposed to be a reward. They are just made to look like one because selling strategy. Deal with it.


They have said they are working on other ways to get keys.

Personally, I would be fine with the world’s simplest possible change: “found” instead of “won”. Because finding a crate doesn’t actually mean you won anything. The keys are the win, not the crates.

@Sorostaran - @t2k5 has a helper script that will hide the nag number.


100% agree on this. I’m perfectly fine for CP to make money out of cosmetics. You can play it totally free and still be competitive, they need to make money out of somewhere.

If people are annoyed by having something that cant use, pretend you dont even have it and you are fine.


Crates aren’t rewards, they’re random drops. You don’t earn them like you earn gold and cards, you get them at random after games.


Well said! Though the situation is easily remedied by implementing a method of getting keys for free (all keys possiblely at differing rarities)


In my opinion, mystery crates should be put in a shop and their price should be put up front. Making them look like a “reward” for winning games is redundant, and in the end, hurts the company itself - if someone likes the game enough, they will have no problem paying money for two, or three of these crates, but if they only got one epic crate for example, CG loses out on 2 crates’ worth of money because if these were real Duelyst enthusiasts, they would have bought the extras anyway.


I don’t like mystery crates, no one does. Do I want CP to succeed, of course, do I want the prompt on the main menu to disappear? OFC I DO


Just because CP are very good in some aspects doesn’t mean we can’t condemn them for sh*tty practices like this.

Personally I feel this crate system is a really nasty mechanic and no consumer-friendly company should make their bed with these practices.

PS. on a lighter note, I really enjoyed today’s challenge, kudos to whomever came up with it!


Anyone can decide for himself to buy the crates or not - so I don’t have lot of arguments against them. What I really dislike is the crate counter on the main screen. It looks shitty and really lets you feel bad.
@t2k5 script helps wonders!