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My Vetruvian Deck

Heres the link to my deck.
Please give me advice on my deck.
I was thinking of removing equality constraint and reassemble as they havent been doing anything for me at all.

This isn’t a deck, to be frank. It’s just a random bundle of cards you managed to pull from orbs. I’m afraid you’ll have to trash this this altogether and start all over again.


play 3x good cards, cut bad cards is the best advice I can give you here, you want to be consistant in your gameplan. https://imgur.com/a/8IOZ4IV here is an album full of good examples of budget decks


You might as well make this into a Wanderer deck… but normally you want as many of a card as possible for consistency in draws. Some exceptions exist but looking at your deck, you don’t have a solid pool of cards for removal, healing, card draw, or end game. Removal and End Game are a bare minimum.
Your mana curve is skewed towards lower cost cards, while the few higher cost that you have don’t appear to have rhyme or reason and lack effectiveness.

Look at the decks in this thread (and the budget thread linked by improbableblob) and try to relate what people here have told you to the way these decks are designed.

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