My updated spellhai


After reading suggestions from here and reddit, I’ve reworked my spellhai deck into this. It’s supposed to be super aggressive with 3 bloodrage masks and flameblood warlocks.



  1. You’re running Reva, so I assume you are pretty dedicated to pure spellhai.
  2. I would cut down on the L’kian and add HE as possible, it has better spell synergy and is more reliable draw since it can be manipulated
  3. Since you are running Reva, mobility is a little bit more of a problem than it would be with Kaleos, so running a mobility spell might be a good idea, MDS can help in a ton of situations.


I’m planning on cutting an l’kian when I get my second HE, I’ll see what I can cut to fit in MDS as well. Thanks for the suggestions. And I’m probably gonna cut a mask for 1 cresent spear when the expansion hits.


No problem, thing is, Flameblood is a VERY aggressive minion, and Spellhai tends to rely more on swing turns to get things done.

Here are some articles to read if you are interested in Spellhai, both can be found on and both are authored by Veteran Songhai players.

You can also check this youtube channel out. Uno is also a pretty experienced Songhai player and plays a lot of Spellhai.


Thanks a lot for the resources, I’ll give them a look. I’m considering cutting some cards once my collection gets bigger, heck I might even make a meme spellhai someday with eight gates and Alkyone.

Thanks again for the help!


No problem, good luck with your deck!

I look forward to seeing a Memehai deck with 8Gates and Alkyone