My Ultimate Vengeance, At Last


Scroll bandit
Eternity Painter
Grandmaster Zendo
Battle Panndo
Ki Beholder
Lantern Fox
Kaido Assassin
Hamon Bladeseeker
Kaido Expert
Massacre Artist
Four Winds Magi

I can also list all minions ever played by another faction. What does it prove? We play what we can. Good or not, we play what we have for particular mana slots.



It proves @cookedpoo wrong, that’s all.


Some of the minions you listed are terrible (e.g. Variax and Gate). Most are just a bit underpowered (Kellaino, Priestess). Good minion is just Deso.


Variax is literally only terrible because Abyssian has way more OP legendaries… like


do not go in the same sentence…


4 Mana minion with low board impact unless you already have a full board of wraithlings, weak to PF/Thunderbomb, Plasma/Rebuke (which also kills the swarm)

Better Faction card: Wraithcrown, hits board at same time and your board full of wraithlings actually is dangerous instead of just being meager 1/1 suiciders

Bloodtide Priestess is pretty situational and can carry a game, but doesn’t really work if you’re losing which is why I consider it pretty weak (tho I hardly play swarm with abyss so someone who does can prove me wrong)

It needs a whole deck built around it to work; actually a pretty good minion but too much investment to make it good

Good, but one minion does not change “terrible minion faction” to “good minion faction”
Deso also doesn’t like the recent nerf to 2 atk

Pretty good minion that buffs your swarm but only on wraithlings and to actually profit off of it you need to dump out a lot of wraithlings on the turn you summon/use this

If your swarm actually survives a turn to use this, you already won and don’t actually need it

Meme tier wincon that wastes your whole turn summoning it only to get killed by Magmar/Vet next turn

8 Mana

Good but legendary and not everyone has 3x of everything
Also requires you to play creep or you just played a pretty generic 6/6/6 with provoke that has no immediate impact

Battle Pet, but great otherwise

I’ve never seen this used with the nerfs to saberspine and this card
Can’t really say much about it but I assume its a pretty bad card because its 3/2 instead of 2/3

Great, nothing else to say about it except Vet/Vanar has all this bounce/transform removal

Just bad stat line and deso is better

Requires you to have a board and be able to suicide it into the enemy and destroy their minions
Just play Chakram instead

Strong but 8 mana

6 Mana answer or die and then die is pretty sweet, but no immediate impact and dies to Vet removal

Basically what I’m getting at is Abyssian doesn’t have a lot of strong minions, and their strong minions happen to be legendary and 6+ Mana

Abyssian Minions also don’t have a lot of impact as soon as they hit the board and they don’t have any sticky minions that will help them survive to play their strong stuff

Abyssian Minions also are not universal to its decks compared to other minions that are guaranteed to go into the decks of other factions

Abyss just needs good lower mana drops and because its lacks them, its other minions aren’t so great because they all involve the late game.


I’m just tired of advocating obvious facts.

Variax can’t be compared to Deso. It’s the same as comparing Storm Kage to 4WM.

I almost don’t see the cards you mentiioned on ladder. That speaks of how powerful they actually are. Period.


most the time abyss gets hate for cards that are strong when they work

they key in this is the when they work part, abyss minions quite often don’t when compared to any factions good set of minions and as its stated, abyss minions just aren’t well stated for board presence till late game, problem is most games tend to end around the 6-7 mana mark so those late game options are often unplayed.




“Demons” didn’t fly either, so we got Abyssian.


The only generally viable (not highly niche) 2 to 4 drops in Abyssian are Ooz, Gibbet, two sentinels, Desolator and Abyssal Juggernaut. That’s not an awful lot for your early game.


But, as always the best way to learn the real current power of a faction is git gud with it yourself, and see how easy wins you get (especially Diamond and above)


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