My Ultimate Vengeance, At Last


Such insolence! You’ll pay for that.


Well, if we talking like this, i once rekt a prismatic Tusk Boar


Dont worry, hehehehe, I know a way…


Pay for what? Being a person who enjoys the disenchanting of disgustingly overpowered cards for one of the best (and most versatile) classes in the game?

Please. You insult our kind, and yet you willingly choose to side with the Priest-equivalents who play the Abyssal (or should I say “abysmal”) scum. Abyssian is a mash-up of stolen archetypes and OP cards. Speak to me again when you learn the meaning of ‘strategy.’

This is a joke, please don’t be insulted.


I was replying to @ryousen. :sweat_smile:


betwixt the secrets of metaspace and atemporal proxymatter, the fact is registered through abstract ideas: lyonar is losers disenchant ur collection:no_pedestrians:


Disenchanting a Lyonar card is the equivalent to disenchanting your honor.


I just love when people hate Abyssian.

I mean, I can understand the hate against Songhai (dmg out of its ass), I can understand the hate against Mag and Lyo (overstated and individually strong minions), I can understand hate against Vet (they are at the top), but Abyss… Except for being versatile, there’s just nothing strong in Abyss except Chakram and Deso.


read them lit egoism books you spooked child, honor isnt real


The only faction I almost never play is lyonar

heal is cheat. Cheat is no honor. Healyonar is dishonorable


If you disenchant 6 Prismatic Desolators, the game’s background becomes black and your collection becomes Xor Xuuled. Everything you disenchant from then on will credit you full spirit AND respawn immediately.

It’s been a while I didn’t get a prismatic card out of my orbs, by the way. Where is that conspiracy thread again.


How about this for a conspiracy: Every prismatic legendary I’ve ever gotten has been Abyssian. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And I killed them all.


You disenchant him but he still gets back to your deck.


haha very funny abyss is not good lol i see what you did there

No I don’t. How is Abyssian not strong? I want evidence. :thinking:


Its strongest deck rn is tier 2.

Its only consistent deck is shit the moment people remember it exists.


It’s pretty evident on ladder. The only deck I occasionally have problems with is Double Ramp Maehv (highrolls of other decks excluded), and the number of Abyss decks higher on ladder becomes lower :slight_smile: I haven’t seen Abyss swarm for ages, Cass is nonexistant as a whole, occasional Trial Maehv sucks and loses to pretty everything non Control, Double Ramp Maehv is a bit more playable. And I’m speaking of me playing AGAINST Abyss, not as.

Which particular archetype do you consider strong? I’m just wondering.


Perhaps I misspoke. I’m not that familiar with tier lists, but I find Abyssian incredibly annoying to play against. I wasn’t referencing any particular archetype; just the fact that they have WAY too much removal, and for some reason steal the archetypes from other factions (like their strange array of heal spells).


Your problem with Abyssian might not be because Abyssian’s cards; rather Abyssian tends to be filled with memers :wink:


The most successful Abyss deck I’ve ever created is a deck that prefers to PLAY WITH YOUR DECK AND BEAT YOU DOWN WITH IT

In other words my best Abyss deck is a steal deck because I don’t have the cool cards from other factions that I want so I steal them instead

Abyss is in a pretty bad spot rn because its minions are terrible and it can’t really compete with superior decks that have better spells.


Bloodtide Priestess
Carrion Collector
Gate to the Undervault
Grandmaster Variax
Reaper of the Nine Moons
Shadow Sister Kelaino
Spectral Revanent
Vorpal Reaver

Now, tell me again. What were you saying?