My take on the why the ladder is flooded with OTK Songhai


I reckon partially why the ladder is flooded with OTK Songhai is that it is simply cheaper than most decks. The all-in otk uses only six legendaries and one epic (according to J). Then you go and look at those 10k spirit Vet and Abyss decks. I’m not saying your decks are bad or anything, I’m just saying that OTK is a cheap way to gain consistent (?) wins on the ladder as of now. Of course, there are alternatives and Songhai might just be FotM so I could be wrong.


Having 6 legendaries is far from being cheap so that’s not it.


well i played last night from rank5 to s and i met only one otk songhai player and not much vetruvian, i was wondering too but it looks like ladder is a very personal experience

the reason why someone thinks he plays against otk songhai that often is that its completly unfun if he gets his combo off at like turn 6 or 7 and it tilts people quite hard


Same for me, i think i’ve seen like 2 or 3 otk songhai since J posted his list, thats pretty far away from “flooding the ladder”. Most songhai i face are standard spellhai.


Especially since Tusk boars are not a staple legendary that can easily be fit in a lot of decks, unlike stuff like Spelljammer and Kron


Well, I meet hardly any Songhai OTK deck at all, the only 2 i met was immediately after the hot fix went live,mid diamond at the moment. I think the whole Songhai “problem” is torn by the hair. The real “problem” tho is the constant negativity on this forum and reddit, all the new players coming with steam and the expansion get really pushed away by this constant stream of complains and negativity.