My take on control Vanar


Hey all. Since i first started the game around the replace patch in beta, my favorite faction be far has been vanar. and i didn’t really play them as a rush deck like most people. i preferred the control style of play. For others like me out there, i wanted to provide a (fairly) cheap decklist for players who don’t just want to go face all the time :stuck_out_tongue: . Here is the Decklist.
The deck is missing 2 slots, which are used for frostivas which haven’t been included in duelystdb yet

General Tips

Keep in mind that this deck was made with limited materials and i will probably be adding more shim’zar cards to it as i earn them. With that out of the way, let’s do this. When you go into a game you’ll want to mulligan for your low cost minions and removal to survive the early game. after this you generally want to find your value cards such as draugar, blades, and frostivas. You’ll generally want to save your removal for their big threats and just remove the smaller ones with your face and bbs. speaking of faie’s bbs, you almost never want to pass up the chance to kill a creature with it if they overextend. Speaking from experience, a lot of players forget to play around warbird, including myself sometimes. the hearth sisterts are there to get your threats up close, move their threats further away, and get value out of bbs. around the midgame your power level starts to shoot up. in this stage of the game, as always, remember to save removal in hand for the inevitable taygete/ironcliffe/nimbus and try to spam warbird every turn if possible to apply pressure that you’ll need in order to finish them off come late game. Speaking of finishers, these include good old jax/razorback (which is a bit weaker with skorn in the game but is still strong if they’ve played most of their aoe), tigers, and sheer attrition with frostivas and bbs.


Snow chaser: there really is no true replacement for these. if you’re going to play vanar i recommend you craft 3 asap, but if you insist on not playing them, 3x primus fist is an ok substitute
Hearth Sister: Repulsor best, but theres so much useful stuff you can do with theese that beasts aren’t as good in most cases
L’kian: Spelljammers or sojourners, this one is really down to personal preference
Frostiva and Draugar Lord: E’xun for more card draw, pandora if you need more lategame, Kron (which i’ll probably be doing myself one i open some copies of him) for sheer value, and so on
Jax: This is down to preference as well, i personally really like the jax combo but it can be unreliable and some people don’t want to craft him for that reason. if you want to replace him, i’d take out the 2 razorbacks as well (you can’t really have one without the other) and maybe put in aspect of the drake and another card of your choice

Well, that about sums up the deck, i hope you have fun playing it and if you have questions feel free to ask


Frostiva seems weak in Faie: it often dies in 2 hits. That effectively makes it an improved Warmaster. That said, how does it fare in play?


whenever i’ve played it it’s either died to dispel, wasting their removal for other threats in the process, or winning the game almost single-handedly with the value you generate. keep in mind, it only needs to be attacked once to get decent value, anything after that is insane