My second faction SPELLBOUND


I be done with this I’m redoing the whole thing no content for now

We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

Work on formatting. I honestly just skipped over this because it was too painful to read. Include things like hide details, and varied text effects such as italics and bold. Maybe even this weird thing. Also, capitalization helps people figure out what the hell is going on, please specify what a kind of card a card is.

Onto the actual card critiques.

Pretty much the same critiques can be applied to all of your cards. Some do too much for how little mana they cost. Some are literally rip-offs of other cards. (See unstable pyromancer). Some are explained awfully like [quote=“dragonmasterb, post:1, topic:8145”]
elemental burst
4 mana cores
summon a 2/2 core elemental on the board for every minion you have on the board nearby them

Some have bad names like my personal favoite. [quote=“dragonmasterb, post:1, topic:8145”]
magic shield user

The first one sounds dumb as hell. The second one is just really unoriginal. And, most fatally: An inconsistent theme. What is the main theme of this faction. There are cores? Liches? Librarians? Battle-Pets? A half battle-pet Vetruvian minion? The effects don’t really even have synergy with each other. I think you just had some ideas and decided to bundle them into a faction. :bread:


Hexproof isn’t also original; Vetruvian already has a keyword like that, including Mechaz0r too.


firstly id like to add if your gonna say critique say what should change as well, not just this mana cost is too low and give no idea on how to make the spell better same thing with the names give name ideas if you think the names are bland, also I know they are this is really a template to add more onto after I get legitimate ideas and if u actually read it you would know the theme is like traditional magic user other games have like warlocks , liches, and pyromancers. also some cards have direct synergy with each other and the respective faction leaders for example the prophet uses spells that are in the deck pack summons minions that can summon more elementals from spells and unstable pyrmancer isn’t even a card I put and if you where talking bout rampant pyromancer I don’t see another card like it in the game so I clearly se you really did skim over it. Ontop of it a lot of spells do a lot for little cost for two reasons one that is what the factions main thing is and two a lot of the spells aren’t that effective unless played in a advantageous board state


well I understand that I want to point out that this effect should have a keyword nd minion in this faction will have it


After reading up more, I’ve decided that this must either be a joke or a very, very bad suggestion. Everything here is either under powered, out-of-theme (Does it have a theme?) or dastardly over-powered. I won’t be quoting anything, because quite frankly, there is too much bad material for me to list.

First of all, this suggestion has no “Theme,” at all, and is inconsistent with the general idea. Even when you stated the “Idea,” of the faction at the start, you lost the idea with the first minion, and failed to properly comprehend the utter insanity of what your thinking will be added.

Second of all, you should NEVER base a faction off of another. It makes no sense since the whole idea of a faction is to be universally unique, and using similar traits or abilities in a faction as well as in another gets rid of the basis of which factions where made in Duelyst.

The keywords are also so very overpowered or make no sense, considering that this is meant to be a spell-based faction. The abundance of minions also contradicts your “Goal,” as a faction, and bugs me so very much. Why would we have a spell-based faction if it has the best value minions in the game?

For the “Suggestions,” part, I would re-do the entire faction for the sake that it is so dastardly messed up that there is no easy way for me to fix it within a small time frame.


I mean I could fix it one day I wrote the whole thing in one, and their is a theme its pretty obvious its different types of sorcerers its not based off another faction the idea is inspire my fault for word choice also this isn’t done so eventually their will be more spells ontop of that a lot of them minion synergize with the spells including the fact some of them are arcanysts


Alright, fair point. I only saw Pyromancer and my mind leaped to the Vetruvian Pyromancer card. So yes I did skim it. But the name should still change, as it is very confusing. Unstable Spellslinger would work better. I would also like to point out that Eternal Pyromancer is busted, or at least it would be if your spells weren’t mostly useless. RNG makes them nearly unplayable. Eternal Pyromancer, however, would completely break you faction if they weren’t. I would say EP has to go. Also, Star Dash is incredibly useless against swarm, which I think is what you’re trying to counter with it. Swarm is made up of a bunch of small minions that are really damn strong together. How does dealing 20 damage to an (at most) 5 health minion work? I mean, it could be good for getting rid of Bloodmoon Priestesses. Maybe also to counter Arcanyst Swarm strats? A nerf to Arcanyst? Why? Some of these cards are just irreparably bad. And (please excuse the ad hominem), I find it hard to take you seriously when you use virtually nonexistent spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I suppose I could go through this (and I will), and fix all the god-awful stuff, but that would almost be completely redoing your post. Enjoy my future rant. :bread:


I am so confused right now. What the hell does this mean.


You DO realize a “Faction,” that has multiple sorcerers and such already exists. It’s called arcanysts :wink:


I’m gonna fix this then apprentally I didn’t think this over like my other faction idea but it will be fixed and it will be better


u realize that’s not a faction, also ontop of that sorcerers as in pyromancers, wizards, lichs, priest, and other traditional fantasy mages


But you also do realize that they ALREADY have those things, and your basically just making a faction out of cards that already exist.

(Although admittedly your faction has much worse cards compared to that of arcanyst, even though they only have minions)

Oh hey look he took my advice and actually redid it. You need some help or no?


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