My Saji control deck what should I change?


So the new patch just drooped, and i don.t know what to change in my deck, and i am hopeing fore some help.

Hear is the deck thanks fore any help in advanced. edit manaspring is glitched and is not showing the right deck hear is the list.

Scioness Sajj x1
Siphon Energy x1
Scion’s First Wish x3
Healing Mystic x3
Pax x3
Primus Fist x3
Rasha’s Curse x2
Falcius x3
Saberspine Tiger x2
Wildfire Ankh x2
Dioltas x3
Lightbender x1
Sand Sister Saon x2
Inquisitor Kron x2
Nimbus x3
Spinecleaver x2
Aymara Healer x3
Dominate Will x1

edit I have decided to state why i put put certain cards in my deck

    _siphon energy_

I decide to leave one in just in case.

     _sand sister_

since vets are going to have to go face alot now that 1 more attack might help.


It is a provoke minion and it will let me slow down the opponent.

so those are what i think are unorthodox choices in my deck but i think my deck is good what do you guys think?


My initial thought would be to drop 1-3 of the Siphon Energy for Saberspine Tiger, it gives you the reach to deal with certain utility minions and Ranged units. I would say keep Kron, in artifact Vet provokes are very important so I think Kron should stay.

These are my first impression, I have yet to play the patch but these are some of the changes I’ll be experimenting when I get the time.


I’m thinking about removing 1 kron and aiding 1 nimbus, i think that is a good idea


i’d say you have too many one offs


But there are only 4 of them?


A idea i just had was to cut the last 2 krons and ad 1+ ank and siphon to have more dispel and a higher chance at getting ank fore the Songhai match up.

Also i can save dust fore future cards/the next expansion. Do you think this is a good idea?