My S Rank Reva list :D


Alright, so I finally managed to get S rank after having some time off from work to grind. This list mirrors the aggro variant of Reva with a few tech choices to deal with the meta more efficiently. Onyx bear seal is great versus Vetruvian and Lyonar because it shuts down their provokes and late game hitters. Battle Panddo stomps on Magmar trying to cheese out wins with chrysallis burst and also counters swarm style decks. Other than that I’ll post the decklist and give some pointers below.

  1. Plan your turns out in advance. Always think ahead of your opponent and what their next play could be to counter the play you just made. Always look for their most optimized option and be ready to deal with what comes next. If they don’t make the optimized play, you just found an opening to be more agressive. Just be careful not to overextend into AoE or removal. Learning when to push for tempo is key.

  2. Manage your resources. Inner focus is one of the win conditions of this deck. Granted, there are a lot of two of’s so there are a lot of ways to piece together the damage you have in order to close out the game. So, there is no single game winning combo you need to win every time. You just find what fits for the scenario you’re in and adjust accordingly. You can be liberal with how you use removal but always hold onto inner focus unless it’s to do damage or remove a key threat. Never use your last one unless it’s to win the game or not using it means a loss. This is a bit tricky to really go into detail about, but basically, just use your resources wisely.

  3. Understand when your opponent doesn’t have a follow up. This is a bit harder to cover since it doesn’t happen often. It comes with experience and just playing versus a lot of different players. Just…if you sense someone is desperate, frantic, or used a lot of resources frantically, do everything you can without over extending to restrict their next play. Slow turns are fatal in a meta like this if you don’t have board. Use that to your advantage.

  4. Learn the combos associated with the deck. Three is the magic number for inner focus. So you can have a 3 / 4 Chakkri avatar, hit with it, inner focus again, and then dump a ton of spells along with mana vortex to draw at the end of your turn and push for additional damage. It’s rare that you go for a play that agressive, but in certain matchup, applying a lot of pressure is key. Also mana vortex spiral technique into phoenix fire is 11 damage out of hand. It’s situational, but mana vortex spiral technique has won me games on 7 mana. Just play the deck, discover the synergies, and use them to your advantage.

  5. Have fun, and realize that not every game is winnable. However, most are, which is why it’s a good reason to play this deck in the meta. It’s quick, hits hard, has a lot of staying power, and doesn’t really have any bad matchups outside of other Songhai variants in my opinion. The deck isn’t necessarily difficult to pilot, but experience and know how certainly helps when trying to push for higher ranks.

That’s it for my advice / summary notes. I do, again, realize that there are a lot of two ofs, and I can give my reasoning for why if people want to comment or ask questions about the build. Also you can add me in game or PM me on here if you have any questions regarding the build. IGN: Xeus

Thanks, and I hope you guys enjoy the guide :smiley:


I used this from rank 3 to S-rank today. First time s-rank. Thanks!