My S Rank Deck This Month- EnlightenedOwl


Hey all. I’ve been posting my S decks each month so I’m just keeping up with tradition. Honestly, this one isn’t particularly flashy, nor is it completely overpowered and clearly the best deck in the format the way several of my decks have been in the past. That said, it’s reasonable against the field, has no atrocious matchups and is simpler to play than some of the other decks I’ve posted here in the past. Here’s the list-

3x Windblade Adept
3x Azurite Lion
2x Fiz
2x Primus Fist
2x Lasting Judgment
3x Sun Bloom
3x Silverguard Knight
3x Saberspine Tiger
2x Afterblaze
3x Primus Shieldmaster
2x Sworn Sister L’kian
3x Arclyte Regalia
3x Holy Immolation
2x Circle of Life
3x Ironcliffe Guardian

This list went through a number of changes (upgrades) and I believe this to be the correct version of it.

Most of these cards are extremely standard and straightforward, but here’s a few quick notes on some of the weirder ones-

-Lasting Judgment is sweet in Lyonar mirror match to kill opposing Adepts and Lions and also amazing against Sunsteel Defender. Also note that it can be used in a pinch as an offensive card to deal 3 additional damage to the opponent and burst them down.

-Afterblaze is very much a late game card in most situations, so don’t be fooled by what it costs- early on, unless they have a battle minion that would suicide into your Afterblazed guy, it’s almost always better to play guys/develop the board than it would be to play Afterblaze. Because you don’t want them early on and don’t want to consistently draw multiples, 2 is the correct number. It’s a 2/2 split with Primus Fist because they fill similar roles but obviously they boost things quite differently and each has pros and cons.

-Regalia is ABSURD against Lyonar and Songhai, good against Vanar, fine against Vetruvian and meh against Abyssian and Magmar. Regardless, like Afterblaze, this is very much a late game card and generally not something you want to play early on.

-Fiz is better than Healing Mystic in this deck in most situations. The additional damage offsets the battle pet drawback most of the time. Because the deck is capable of an incredible amount of burst damage (Tiger, Immolation, Fist, Roar, Afterblaze, Regalia) every single point of damage throughout the game truly matters. You can do MASSIVE amounts of damage in an individual turn.

-L’kian and to a lesser extent Afterblaze are both needed to give the deck something remotely resembling attrition and late game. Without this kind of card the deck can (and did) “run out of gas” and generally lose late game top deck situations. Also, your creatures are bulky and can often provide card advantage over the course of the game by forcing 2 for 1s.

-Circle of Life, Fizz, Regalia and Lasting Judgment, combined with a boatload of Provoke creatures, give you a very favorable matchup against highly aggressive “all in” kind of decks.

Dioltas was in the original list but got removed as it just felt too slow/too underwhelming very often. It’d trade with cards that cost a lot less than it does too often or simply be ignored. The Tomb was mediocre in my deck as I’m not running Divine Bond, which I think is a very mediocre card right now, to make it super dangerous. Tombstone is fine with Roar but it’s not good enough to warrant inclusion.

Great matchup vs other Lyonar decks
Very good matchup vs Songhai
Favorable matchup vs Vanar
Very close matchup vs Vetruvian
Close to slightly unfavorable matchup vs Abyssian
Unfavorable matchup vs Magmar

Good luck all!


Interesting how different our assessment of this card is. To me it’s a bad card against Songhai and Vanar and a good card against Magmar.

Reasons it’s bad against Songhai: Songhai plays lots of burn, incidental chip damage, ranged minions and overall hit&run-tactics which make it difficult to ever get more than a single use out of the Arclyte.
Reasons it’s bad against Vanar: their BBS counters it nicely and they usually play swarm-type decks which have no trouble suiciding one or two minions into the Regalia.
Reasons why its good against Magmar: Magmar these days play with little to no board presence and are using their general aggressively to clear threats. Often you have empty boards to play the Regalia into and even if Vaath is at >3 attack a single Regalia represents an enormous life swing.


Agree with the Songhai-Regalia interaction. I usually dont even play it in that matchup. 1 Phoenix Fire and any 2 Pings destroy 4 mana worth of tempo and you still take the face damage.


I’ve learned the hard way that casting PF with 4WM out doesn’t work on regalia, the ping happens before the PF (I think cause it’s triggered on cast rather than resolution) so they absorb the 1 damage and you only get 1 artifact ping

It might be a little more valuable than you think but not by much


I love Lasting Judgement. I think the card is super underated. I am not sure if you know about the unique interactions this card has OP, but I am sure there are others who don’t so I will explain.

The card text reads -3 Health, not deal 3 damage. This means that the damage actually is not dealt and that the Health is just removed from the unit.

Nimbus, Lantern Fox DO NOT get any effects off of it. This lets you reduce the amount of resource generation they do.

Sunsteel Defender dies to it. It completely ignores forcefield. Forcefield prevents damage but no damage is being done here. -3 HP just sets it to 0

Playing it on your own minion with more than 3 HP just turns this spell into a situational Phoenix Fire, so you can often just use it for face damage.

Going second you can play a 2 drop on your mana tile and remove their 2 drop.

And the last obvious point, it kills ranged threats. Bloodmoon priestess is a pain to deal with as Lyonar and it fits perfectly. Almost all ranged units, Killing Edged Heartseekers, etc…

I run 2 or 3 in every Lyonar deck and I think more people should start as well.


Oh, I didn’t know that. Still they have a very easy time removing artifacts though. 1 Ping could make a difference for sure though, especially when dealing with such strong artifacts.


I thought it was standard by now? Seems like a staple to me


Come to think of it, recently it is much more common. It used to be almost unplayed in the past though.


For a second there I thought enlightened owl was the deck name and I was gonna see some owlbeast and elkowl goodness :weary:


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