My (Really bad) Vespyr deck


Hey guys, I’ve been playing this game for around 3 months now, and I’m still in silver. I made it to gold last season with my magmar deck, but I was tired of magmar. I switched to vanar, it’s more fun for me. I’m having some issues with my vespyr deck. I have a decent budget, and i need help making a new deck.

That’s my list.
Any thoughts?


Well… I’m not a huge fan of vespyr decks (for many reasons), but I’ll do my best.

  1. Vespyr is not a control archetype. It looks to be aggressive with early buffs (such as frostfire) and really pressuring with early minions (Snowchasers and Crystal Cloakers), so getting rid of Bonechill and Glacial Elemental might be a good idea.

  2. You’re missing the most important card for this kind of decks: Iceblade Dryad. This card by itself is brutal beyond comparison. Its a great body if you have to tempo it out and it works with other dryads and it makes for a pretty cool T2 3/4 Borean Bear.

  3. Now you need to have actual minions. Having 20 spells in a minion based synergy deck is a bad idea (even though 3 of those are actually minions). With cryo, I’d throw away hailstone and make frostburn a 1-off. You’ll only really need frostburn for 1 or 2 matchups. Although Wailing Overdrive is one of my favourite cards, I don’t think it’s needed. Sure, Wailing tiger is 8 damage, but Tiger+Frostfire is 6 damage for 2 mana less. Plus, its inconditional, which makes it slightly more flexible. Also, do add a 3rd Hearthsister, not using 3x with Faie is a waste of a good BBS :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. Spelljammer or L’kians are excellent draw mechanisms (which your deck really needs).

  5. Lastly, I think a nice 5 mana minion is nice. I’d say either Dancing Blades, which does wonders with Aspect of the Fox, or Huldra, which can really punish the enemy for letting a minion live later in the game (it’s especially brutal if you get a displacer off of Vespyric Call). You can always goes all-in and use Frostiva, but I don’t recommend it, it’s too slow and songhai pretty much says “f*** that” whenever they see it.

I think this is about it. There’s another way to play Vespyrs, which is a combo version in which you drop an arctic and kill the enemy because reasons by giving it flying + maybe celerity, but it plays in a completely different way. Anyways, have fun, but don’t expect much from a deck requires minions on board :stuck_out_tongue:


First of all, thank you.

I had bonechill and glacial as a boardwipe combo that was really situational, i was thinking i should drop them.
I’ll craft iceblade dryad.
Wailing overdrive has won me games, and also sometimes clogged my hand. I’ll get rid of that. I’ll get rid of hailstone and 1 frostburn, and add another hearth sister.
I don’t have a spelljammer or L’kians, would blaze hound work?


They’re infinitely better with hailstone, but I guess they might work for you initially… If they don’t there’s always sojourners too


I really like the use of blaze hounds. Its a great T1 play early and it has a pretty aggressive body. However, my suggestion would be to use Blaze hounds first for a while, and then try out sojourner. Sojourner is a bit slower, but can draw you more overall, and could bait out some dispell/removal. So basically, use both and see which one ends up being better, because both of them are great overall :3 (try to get lkian over Spelljammer first when you can, since it needs only a “couple” rares that you might use later on)


Alright so for starters you have too many 2 drops. Since you already have 16 2mana cards you don’t really need to run as many of them. You can drop 1 B bear and snow chaser and instead add in card draw which is essential especially if you’re trying to create a control variant of vanar. I run a version of it myself so I understand the power of control spells. If you can post what kind of issues you are running into as you play the deck (lack of cards? Not enough damage?) then just post them so that we can give more in depth advice!:smile:


So my main problem is that I end up running out of steam. If i dump my hand doing something, and my opponent can deal with that somehow, then I have to wait to build up a good hand. Which costs me the game. I think damage and card draw are the main issues.


First of all - what is your win condition?
You’ll run out of steam early without a gameplan of some sort.
Second - vespyr deck needs a pressure provider either voice of the wind, whatshisface arctic thingy, or my frostiva.
Without it you’re holding off an attack every turn without a comeback.
Third - bonechill+ice Dude is a pretty neat removal, but… too situational, and over all not that good, use any other removal, open up 3 spaces on your deck for options.
Fourth - dryad is a mustx3
Fifth - tigersx3

I would go for one copy of Huldra even though in my opinion this card is a meh… back I’m my Kara deck huldra won me a game or two.

Most importantly - vespyr decks mainly consists of minions either vespyrs or vespyrs generators, so keep in mind having 24-25 minions min.

Good luck maman


Too much spell not enough minions. Look bagoum tier list and try to have same ratio spell/minion. You have 20 spells top tier is 9 spells.
The more you have spell the more you need to draw.


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