My ramp vanar deck


I wanted to show you my current vanar ramp. For plebstone plebyer it’s like a ramp druid where you can earn 1 mana cristal turn 2-3 and put big op minion late.

Let’s see first the deck:

this deck is composed of 3 phase:

  1. Early game: Try to get crystal wysp for the mid-late game.
  2. Mid game: You have 6 board removal combo (2 * 3):
    • Steel Dasher + boundles courage
    • Enfeeble + Blistering skorn
  3. Late game: your big removal allow you to have full value of Grandlaster Embla which completely lock ennemy. And you also have full value of Meltdown because the turn after board removal your opponent will have maybe one big minion.

So the purpose of this deck is to stay alive until late game and put your 2 card late.


Any details on matchup, how did it perform and where (Gold/Diam/S) ?

I’m currently playing this type of ramp Vanar (more “lock” based) :


I am at S rank but I didn’t look stat because I have better deck to ladder.
Your deck is pretty good.I would change Icy for crystal and bonereaper for grandmaster. You should make a mix between your base Arcanyst deck combo and my deck.


Damn, but it’s so good to chain lock General with Corona and Icy, while running from mana tile to mana tile …

And also so many tasty combos :

  • Enfeeb+Bonereaper
  • Bonereaper+Polarity > face

There is always that point where I’m not wise enough to privilege efficiency and always go with fun, that’s one of the things that makes me a just average player I guess :frowning:


Been running big mana Vanar to and in diamond. How has the cryptographer been for you? Obviously he is sweet with bbs plus meltdown, but it seemed like a win more synergy to me.


You have to try your best and if you don’t succeed go take some weed - 4sen
The only thing I am not fan is Conceleaing shroud. This card is bit a dead card. It doesn’t impact anything. Just your opponent instead of go face next turn he can trade the board. I know the purpose is to delay 1 turn but I don’t see the point with those deck.


I found ConcelShroud to be a nice synergy with Coldbiter, helps saving charges, while keeping small treats away (wraithlings, standard dervish and walls for instance), but maybe it’s just eyecandy, I dunno :confused:


Tbh I first put it by hope to play it with Meltdown but it never happened xD. But sometimes it can just help to have lethal.


yeah sorry that’s why I keep it in the deck but I cut 1 because the combo is not really as OPie as others.
But in that case you should go for a more lock deck and play Gravity well with white asp


Tried the deck and really loving it. However there rarely any times that I’ve pulled off the steel dasher + boundless combo and usually when i have dasher in hand i tend to be replacing it for something to ramp up. instead i prefer diolas (maybe even primus shieldmaster for immediate effect?) in it’s place as it allows for a hard hit plus a nice 0/10 provoke body which is preferred against the aggro meta. Feel free to let me know you’re thoughts.


Same. I find the dasher often doesnt survive long/well enough to make that 2 turn clear become a reality. I usually find myself replacing it. Deck is very nice, have won many games with it.


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