My problem with Cassyva


So I have always liked Abyssian and after managing to collect enough spirit, I crafter all the necessary cards for Cassyva. So my deck is as follows:

Taken from the DPL with some minor changes due to lack of spirit.

Onto my little “rant” (well, not really, more like a little frustration) no matter what I do I can’t seem to be able to win. I must have like a 20% win rate with and I am only Gold this season and with 6 months of experience behind me. My opponents always seem to have the right answer at the right time to all my threats, while I have no answer for their threats.

I know that this game has too many cards to immediately and effectively answer whatever your opponent throws at you, but it is insane how many opponents in a row have a Shroud ready when I drop my Kelaino/Juggernaut. I mean, once I had three Juggernauts in hand and dropped them turn after turn only to have each one of them dispelled by my opponent, twice by a Shroud and once by a Lightbender.

I may be talking some very extreme cases here, and it seems extreme even to me, but words that are allowed here can’t describe what happens in my games whenever I play this deck :stuck_out_tongue: . It’s like the universe wants me to lose with this deck. And it’s a shame, because I really like Abyssian.

Anyway, if you happen to have any advice on what to change on the deck to make it more effective, I would love to hear it. Otherwise, you can advise me send the entire deck to hell and build a Faie deck :stuck_out_tongue: .


well here is my advice
First remove Rite of the Undervault since its really slow and also cost 6 mana now
Add Gasp of agony
1 dark Transformation
2 jax if you want to switch put the acid ooze or what it is named in duelyst
Add 2 night sorrow assasin MUST great card
The Rest comes down to you i think 2 obleterate is also very important i know you only use it once but you want to max your chances having it at turn 7 ready and yeah the rest comes down to how you play the deck and what decisions you make


Keep rite. Yes its worse, but still great. Grasp is great tempo gain. Nightsorrow and dark transformation are slow and bad. Cut out blades or sojourners, get mystics or bloidtears instead.


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