My old vanar deck - What do you think?


here’s my old but good vanar deck, i’m a little lost since the latest nerf on the vanar front.
any suggestions? it’s not that the deck is bad, u actually had up to 70% - 75% win rate with it, it just doesn’t feel the same.


I suppose that’s the Wailing Overdrive + Frostiva deck you mentioned on that other thread. If so, thanks for sharing, it looks interesting…


Too slow for an aggro deck. Too fast for a midrange deck. Not enough synergy for a vespyr deck. Arguably too much spells for all of the above. Iunno, this deck really baffles me. What’s the idea behind it?


see? now i can’t really put my finger on the actual type.
And yet this deck is actually works (for me).

the idea is fairly simple - play your key minions half swarmy, go for early infiltrate.
when the other dude finished dumping most of his dispels go for frostiva or basically every other vespyr with wailing overdrive and face, if he pings frostiva late game - its usually game over given the amount of face damage on the next turn (8+).

so… setting a board, provoking dispels as for early game + mid game.
focusing a bit on damage from frost fire, flying vespyrs and snow chasers.
late game is where you have to set the big damage.

I went for slight synergy and a whole lot of removals.


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