My new vanar adventures


after a long ladder drop i figured it’s time to shake things up and get back to my main beloved vanar.

Here’s a decklist which i made a few days ago.
the gameplan is fairly simple - wailing overdrive on any vespyr + flying from horsy.
Frostiva as a pressure tool.
And conc. Shroud + 2 artifacts for 8 face dmg.
Healing for you know…

I actually won a few matches with this deck including several magmar matches.

Tell me your thoughts, secrets, or whatever.


Finally! Someone else who appreciates the greatness of Frostiva!

I ran a similar Vespyr deck to S-rank last season, only with Glacial elemental + Voice of the wind combo instead of artifacts and frigid corona instead of concealing shroud.


Frostiva is actually the reason i started playing vanar antld until now every vanar deck i played was more or less around frostiva, she’s such a crazy card.
lf left unanswered the value she gains is hugh. and the fact that she’s not answer or die makes people underestimate her and live her around.

Then comes the wailing or frostfire or both running up the opponent’s face.

If you’re not running artifact why would you use azure herald?


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