My new Aggro Vanar


This is my experiment with vanar cards:

At the moment is very situational i have 10 win e and 9 lose. The more problematic opponent are the healonar… Please give some feedback! :smiley:


I’m surprised you didn’t fit saberspine in there somewhere. It fills out your 3-drop minion curve nicely, and adds burst to your deck, which this seems to be missing. If lyonar is your hardest matchup though, I’m not sure if that would help as much. You have a lot of control for an aggro deck so I figured you would have that covered. It might be because your minions don’t have a lot of staying power? they’re all really low health and don’t provide much of a threat after entering the board.


Which division please ?


why should you play this deck instead of the top tier aggro faie?

You added some heal in an aggro deck which as no sense.
You added aspect of fox which synergise with nothing.
And finally avalanche for the same reason I don’t see the point.


I second that : if you go Fox, you must bring Dancing Blades :wink:


I’m a diamond player… Ty guys for your advices
I use the avalance as finisher and i win two match thanks to this card
@feelsgoodman ty for the list but i don’t have some cards: 3rd alcuin, 3rd spelljammer and white asp. I probably use 3 Snopwiercer instead of those 3 cards


The Single White Asp is there because the deck builder didn’t have more, right?


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