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My Magmar deck is stuck at level 11


Hi. Been playing a little while. I put together this Magmar list, I was going great guns with it, but got hard wall stuck at level 11. Almost got to 10, but no dice. Is the deck fundamentally flawed? Or am i just not progressing as a player? I feel like it should work!

Please help…

Deck List


Not enough draw for a ramp deck that also uses mandrake, also i personally don’t like mandrake in that type of list. Also not enough 2 drops, i like having 9 despite having flash, Gro is kinda meh because magmar relies on their 4 drops a lot. Prolly add Silithar and shroud, get rid of mandrakes, an earth sphere, gro. Get rid of the 2 Chrysalis for one taygete and one Lkian. Basically Gro can be decent and Mandrake is really good, but not if you are aiming for the late game which you are with the earth spheres, the plasma storms and the elders. Gro is nice in Floodlists where you don’t need to accelerate into 4 that much and Mandrake is ridicolous at 7-9 Mana, great in midrange and aggro.

Also Slow Magmar isn’t the best way to go really. Aggro and midrange are better.


Consider trying something like this. It’s a similar idea to your deck but it has lower curve and less randomness and techy cards for more consistency. Have in mind how with your current deck you should still be able to reach gold despite some of it’s flaws so I’m sure you’re not piloting it properly and the same will probably apply to this deck as well despite it being easier to play. So just focus on getting better rather than giving too much credit to the decks you run and you’ll do just fine.


He will definitely reach gold with something like this. Just not sure about gro it feeds hungry latern foxes and taygetes. What about 2x kuyatas and 2x or 3x +2/+4 when you damaged spells. Sorry cant remember the name. They would fit well with this self damage deck. I think. :blush:


You are trying too hard to be smart. Put in more low cost minions and Sojourner for cards draw, Adamantite Claws, Tigers and smorc face. Should get you to 10 easily.


OK so - my curve isnt low enough - i’m trying to be too smart - but can you explain how / why?


The point of the deck is to be able to Kuj / Flash some bigger bodies in there, with some AOE and get Burst out, then try to get Mandrake out etc to win. Is that not a good plan?


i would remove kujata and put young silithars honestly.

you dont have those many big drops really, you should do fine with the flash reincarnations. but i think raqyee is right, you have a nice deck and should get to 10 easily, maybe you are making positioning mistakes or you dont manage the cards properly. this is ok to happen, dont worry, but you might just need some practice :slight_smile:


This is my deck that has about 50% winrate at rank 7: http://manaspring.ru/deckbuilder/magmar/#MTo0MDEsMjoyMDExMiwyOjIwMTE5LDI6MTkwNTIsMzoyMDExNiwzOjEwOTgxLDI6MTEwMTQsMTo0MDksMToxOTAzNywxOjExMDQ2LDE6NDEyLDI6MTAwMTYsMzoxMDAxMiwyOjE5MDQ5LDI6MjAyMTgsMjozMDAxMiwyOjEwOTc2LDE6MjAxNTcsMTo0MDcsMjoxMTAyOCwyOjEwOTU5LDI6NDI1

It is pretty shite since my card collection is still very limited but it works. Like a wise man once said: The beauty of this is the simplicity.


i’m don’t play magmar but i feel like i play against them enough to give my general impression.

  1. it seems a bit slow, in low silver as far as i remember having a long game of a couple 9 mana turns is common. around gold the average game length shortens significantly so you may not have enough time to play the silithar eldars. and other expensive cards.

  2. bounded lifeforce feels like a natural choice due to emergency heal and great damage buff. can really win games especially if the opponent is not experienced enough to prepare for it. really would recommend atleast 1 of those.

  3. crisalis burst can win games, but if opponent knows how to counter it, chances of that happening shrink. i would expect it to be much less effective in gold + as more people know how to deal with it.

hope it helps

  1. You never run Chrysalis Burst, ever, it’s a horrible shitty card. You don’t want to gamble on wasting a turn, play something else.

  2. More 2 drops. Better curve. Yes Mag has lots of 4 drops, yes you’ll get bitchsmacked if you don’t even have a proper early board.

  3. Kujata is too unreliable, read one.

  4. You want to get Mandrake out, but how? Mandrakes are like sex - it’s a two people effort. If the opponent is the only person dropping massive loads of minions all over you it won’t reach 2/1/0 mana while it’s still relevant. Over half your cards are 4 mana minions or more.

  5. Slithar elder. Read one.

Just use Raqyee’s deck, the decks he made me got me to dia twice :^


Great feedback - really give me an idea how to get better, was just flying my own path before. I want to be able to get to the point where i’m not net decking. I reckon I could make this deck concept work eventually but I can see why its not now. I did use Raqyee’s deck actually and went 5-1 and into gold so there you have it :slight_smile:


It’s about the same deck my brother used his first time to diamond, this season he used zoohorn. If you want his decklists I’ll ask.


Yes please Hellcat



Lovely stuff i’ll give it a go.


You might wanna run egg morph. He plays without (says he oft doesn’t need it).

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