My Little Tempo Lyonar


Hi guys! In the last day i’ll try to build a tempo lyonar deck and this the result:

Probably i change the lian kain sisters with trinity oath when i found in the new orbs and now i’m looking to add a second good draw card… Any idea or feedback?


Trinity Oath is extremely strong. I would probably drop 1 or 2 Lkians and 1 Mystic to make room for it.

I really like Scintilla as a card, but it doesn’t fit as well in more aggressive lists. I am not sure how aggressive you want your list to be but if you find yourself just short of lethal then you could consider dropping those instead.


Sun Wisp or Alcuin Loremaster are decent draw and value, and Aegis Barrier is a wonderful cycle card. Rather than add more draw I’d recommend finding some higher drops, namely some 5 drops. They’re great late game and ramping into them is glorious. Trinity Oath will probably be enough draw, and if it isn’t you can drop some two drops for Sun Wisps.

The most effective 5 drops in my opinion are Ironcliffe and Grincher, the latter of which adds some more draw and combos beautifully with Arclyte Regalia.


Spelljammers. Ever since they were changed to 3/5 they’re great fighting machines that also give you cards. They also give your opponent cards, but since you are playing the tempo role, your deck should be better able to use those cards (seeing how your average Mana cost should be lower than theirs). And since you are preferably the one who does the attacking, they’ll eventually have to remove the Jammer on their turn to stave of death, which is straight up value.

Why the Circle of Life though? It’s the opposite of tempo. It doesn’t kill, only prolongs and is expensive. I’d play a third Scintilla instead. You should have plenty of heal with those and the Mystics. Maybe swap out the Mystics for Trinity Oaths.


Trust me its worth it lol


Its really good, personally i would replace scintilla with arclyte sentinell beacuse i really like its og. And of corse replace lkian with trinity oath asap.


Scintilla is great against the aggro decks in the meta (namely magmar). I wouldn’t drop it for anything. I wouldn’t run more than 2, tho

Also, how’s circle going for you aside from dealing with kelaino? It really isn’t that useful for me


Circle’s only good if you have solid lategame plays, which Lyonar decks rarely do, unless your winco is Ironcliffe Divine Bond.


Ty all for the tips…
I probably try to add 2 spelljammer adn 3 trinity oath when i found them and remove the lian kain and the circle of life


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