My Lillith Dying Wish Deck


Hey guys, how could I improve this deck pls?

Just made it to Diamond can’t get past a single win.

Link here

Edit: Typo.


i find unseven isnt that good
gnasher can be good AOE and trades well with kron
void hunter increases the draw in your deck, though is usually only worth it if you get a lurking fear off.
you dont need 3 ritual banishments AND 2 dark transformations. i suggest removing the DT’s
you definitely need 3x lurking fear for a dying wish deck and a third reaper.


I put several Healing Mystics, Primus Fists and Primus Shieldmaster in ANY deck, because they have good stats and a handy Opening Gambit that these 3 cards fit in almost any deck. As your deck does depend on your early board presence, you can consider adding more of those 2 drops.


In addition to other people’s advice I would seriously consider cutting the gors for actual 2 drops. Gors hardly do anything except act as banishing/sac fuel, and as Lilith that shouldn’t be a problem if you control the board better. At the very, very least you should cut them down to 2x. After the first one the others are just not that useful, it’s not like anyone is going to dispel them except accidentally by lightbender.


Hi, maybe i would replace gor by spectral blades to give a best early control/heal. cut unsavens and put the 3rd lurking fear, maybe you will not use 3, but that way you can draw it more consistently.