My Kaleos Grandmaster Zendo Deck (Now officially S rank)


Hey guys ^-^ while i was on reddit i saw a tier list and backstab kaleos was the lowest i cringed when i saw it so i decided to make this decklist. I must say i didnt want to post this deck because i only have 2 ribbons with songhai i wasn’t quite comfortable because the deck takes patience and good replacing to use however while testing i destroyed reva back to back and felt it was time to post my list.

I must say again this to me is a fun deck but can be used competitvely it loses to overheal as main focus of deck is to bring opponent down to 15 hp by turn 4 … drop hamon then spam zendo back to back ftw. panddo is there for board clear. Have fun testing and guys instead of bashing just try and tweak the deck to make kaleos great again!!!
version 1

version 2 updated. (currently rank 2) been testing out this keshrai and really impressed by its impact to slow decks down granting us more tempo into hamon or esclipse or panddo board clear

Final version
(deck transformed to fully backstab and they say backstab was low tier smh) offically got me from rank 3 to s rank this deck will give you a headache if you don’t know how to play yes i run 3 hamon for consistency but only drop one in a game where neccessary and yes i run one deathstrike because you gotta keep it for the right time for board clear.

try the deck out first play 10 games then critique on it. it takes expert positioning to play this deck. ye you might lose a couple games to buffed chakra avatars but overall the deck is viable this is me proving to you all kaleos can be top tier if you all put the effort to make it.

Even tho I am not planning on reaching s rank with kaleos as my dream is to make it with ziran this list is viable replacement for vortex its all about applying pressure from turn 3 up doesnt matter if u miss turn 2…1st key combo to search for is inner focus panndo deathstrike seal… second combo which is the finisher is hamon and grandmaster zendo to finish opponent by turn 6-7 if turn 8 comes then u know technique for the win


Why just one 4 winds? I mean, you have some pretty good cheap spells to use with him but I feel maybe Keshrai might be better as it comes out just in time to interrupt your opponents first BBS turn and serves as a threatening 5/3 body considering you have blink available. Maybe drop the Chakris and the 4 winds and add 3 Keshrais?


nice suggesstion ill test that oh n 4 winds is there just cuz its a body this deck has potential to win by turn 6 thats the point of zendo


Ahh, in that case, Keshrai would be even better because it serves as spell disruption (which helps even more in the Anti-Spellhai matchup by ruining combos) as well as having a higher attack and thus comboing with Zendo very well. If you drop a Keshrai, yes it’ll die to a phoenix fire, but it’ll cost the other player 4 Mana to cast that PFire.


Honestly, this looks like a good list. I’ll definitely try it when I have spirit.


I don’t understand the single 4Magi. As it’s a pure value-card (and not a specific answer to anything), I’d think it should either be strong enough to want 3 of them, or too weak to even want a single one. What’s the reasoning behind it?

I know you answered that question already, but I don’t understand your answer.


this deck is meant to kill by turn 6 to 7 with zendos dream start summon two katara… one gets removed summon lantern fox on tile inner focus remove minion and mana vortex phoenix fire to face… turn 4 mist dragon seal killing edge deal major backstab damage to opponent turn 5 summon hamon then finish off with zendo… its a deck im working on to constantly kill opponent by turn 6 or 7 four winds is too slow for that here but it offers a body if we dont get that combo off. this deck is build like this either we kill them by turn 6 or 7 or we lose its not meant to play longer than that.


So why play the 4Magi at all then instead of playing something lower down the curve which helps your hitting your target more consistently?


when it comes to those situations those body are weak at that stage 4 health is decent… im still working on the deck tho… try it out and see how best you can tweak it


but like i said i made this post based on the thrash decklist they had made for kaleos on reddit being lowest tier when ive been beating top reva decks with it


I feel unworthy of the supreme powers of our red Overlords.

Also I have like maybe 50 Spirit worth of Songhai cards.

Hail Songhai.


its really good no matter who i face… i play kesrai just like how reva place heartseeker away cause you always want kesrai dealing face damage


Just switch to reva and the deck would be infinitely better. On a side note you have soooo many spells and no synergies.


Why Chakris and Mana Vortexes? Only one of your lists has a singleton Magi. Why Spiral Technique?

The most glaring issue though, is the lack of minions. Kaleos’ BBS shines when you’re using it to protect valuable minions, or move in for free kills with backstab, or lethal damage- meaning that Kaleos decks want to be much more minion dense than Reva ones.

Also- For your laddering playlist :smiley: Every time I see Kaleos, I get “The Instinct” stuck in my head. Good luck getting away from that little earworm.


try the deck play 10 games with it and then you will see how efffective the deck is … if u dont have katara or phoenix fire to use turn 2 turn 3 onwards you are expected to summon a minion and use inner focus turn 4 play kesrai then 5 hamon then zendo its straight forward. mana vortex makes impossible plays possible.


What? This deck has no optimized Smorc plays. TBH, the gameplan looks like “Play Keshrai and Zendo and hope they have hands full of spells”, which goes very wrong, very quickly when your opponent out-tempos you or only plays super cheap spells. Zendo is like Spiral Technique attached to a body, attached to a Time Warp. If the plan is to set that up, the deck needs a better emphasis on board control (removal), and less on trying to get lucky with Smorcs. Since you’re playing Kaleos, your BBS only works on friendly minions, and doesn’t generate material- once again leading towards a need for better board control (ultimately a higher unit count.)

Spellhai and Aggrohai work in very specific ways, just trying to copypasta a spell list attached to minions you want to play, is begging to get run over by an opponent who can answer your minions and build their own board faster/more consistently.


lol if you say so currently rank 2


just reached s rank thanks to kaleos they claim is low tier


Infinite Monkey Theorem, anyone?


Oh wait. Figured it out…