My janky deck ideas


Here i will post my janky deck ideas that might work?? idk yet, could someone make these for me and send me or reply me the match pleez? here is the first decklist. The point is to ramp into mnemovore and summon a shit load of creatures to mill your opponent. Have Fun!


Mnemovore might be fun in a Xor deck. (It’s mill effect is based on summons in general rather than from the action bar right?)


I recently built a Mnemovore deck, as I wanted to, and, sadly, it doesn’t work - at least not the way I expected it to.
Main problem is that Mnemo doesn’t deal damage when your opponent runs out of cads, so you need some finisher. Also, it was really hard for me to find both DFC & Mnemo in time. Because of that, IMO, it would be much better to make an earlygame-oriented deck so you can hold until 8 mana, and then go with Mnemo + BBS (+ Nether Summoning if needed).


Can confirm, building a good Mnemovore deck with Abyss swarm/Xor is extremely difficult.


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