My impression on the tournament system of Duelyst


Hey guys,

Last week you could participate to the second Duelyst Open. This tournament was open to everyone FOR FREE and gave you 3 SPIRIT ORBS just for playing all your match. The prices for the top 3 were respectively 400, 600 and $1000 ! And I am not even counting the cosmetics and DWC points that you get on top of all that. Yet, only 72 people intended the tournament …

I personally find those numbers very low for a tournament that offer so much for free.

First, let’s try to determine roughly the potential population that could be interested in those kind of events. First we have the S-rank players , who play the game actively and competitively. You can add to that all the diamond players that don’t necessarily have the time to grind the ladder but also play the game competitively. Finally there is the more casual players who would play the tourney just for fun and the free orbs. With all those people together, we are roughly looking at 1000 potential players (maybe much more), realistically I think a Duelyst Open should gather around 200 people.

First I want to point out the positive points about the current system:

-The coverage is great, meaning we have very good casters
-If only the tournaments weren’t so long, the time line are really good for both Europe and US (maybe not so much elsewhere but we cannot do the impossible).
-The rewards are amazing.
-The organisation is pretty good (kuddos to Juveyd) just need to enforce the 50 min time limit.

So what’s the problem?

The current tournaments are not accessible enough for the average player. The Duelyst Open was 7 rounds of BO3 with a top 16 in Bo5. Your looking at a 7 hours tournament without counting the top 16, needless to say that for a tournament of 72 players it is WAY TOO LONG. I think you would need at least 500 players to justify so many rounds. For 72 players, a 5 rounds BO3 with a top8 in bo3 is totally enough. I personally believe that making Bo5 for top16 is a mistake, even in GP top8 on MTG you don’t have that (magic GPs are between 1000 and 4000 people).

Having such long tournaments not only is very time consuming but it’s also a PAIN IN THE ASS to go through. Duelyst is a very brain consuming game. Usually I would not play more than 3 hours a day top , I can push it to 5 hours for a tournament since endurance is part of the challenge , but 7 hours… seriously !!!

It would also be better for the organizer, the casters, the viewers, the players … well for everyone ! Excepted the Top players who can handle long session better than regular player and gain an edge from that. And guess from who CP is taking most of its feedback? You guessed it, from the top players, which brings me to my next point: CP is making a mistake by relying exclusively on Top players for tournament feedback.

CP should be asking feedback and suggestions from people who don’t consistently play tournaments. You don’t want the opinion of people who attend every events, you want the opinion of the player who played a tournament but never came back.

We are not at the point where CP just want retention (or at least I hope so), we want to expand the participation. So it implies to adapt your system to the masses rather than the minority.

One other big entry barrier for tournament is the conquest format. This system force you to have 3 competitive decks ready to battle. Most players own only one competitive deck which makes the tournament inaccessible for them. Removing the BO5 for top8 would reduce the need of only 2 decks rather than 3 which is nice . But personally I would prefer the MTG system where you only need to bring one deck with a sideboard.

But of course you can make an very accessible tournaments system if no one knows about it, you won’t expand your player base which brings me to the next point: Communication.

The communication for tournament is awful, I consider myself relatively well informed on Duelyst news and yet I need Juveyd to remind me of every single events that comes up. That’s not normal, CP has access to the best communication platform ever, which will reach every SINGLE POTENTIAL PLAYER : the game itself of course!!!

Why is CP not using the game to communicate with players on upcoming event ? Is it that hard to put a news on the launcher , or even a reminder when you log on the game?

Also I believe that the tournament announcement are not appealing to the average players.

Here is a screenshot of the twitter announcement of the Duelyst Open:

If I read this announcement from left to right like you do in western society I read first “World championship” . This information itself will discourage a lot of players because the average players will think about an elitist events, which is absolutely not the case in reality. To appeal to casual players the announcement should emphasis on what is important to them. Which is probably the 3 orbs you will get no matter what and the fact that the tournament is Free and Open to everyone. This announcement totally miss those points.

Every suggestion that I have made so far can be implemented very easily without having to make any major investment. But of course the best thing would be to have a real In Game tournament system that would be easy to use and accessible to everyone . For a lot of people having to go through battlefly and discord is a big turn off and it would also make the organisation so much simpler.

I am done with my suggestions , but as I said earlier what is more important is YOUR OPINION on the matter:

Did you know about the tournaments scene for Duelyst?

Have you ever play a tournament on Duelyst?

If so ,did you like it?

How would you improve it?

Looking forward for your feedback !


Ok, what the problem was, for me:

a) I didn’t know about free orbs on participation
b) I didn’t check what time it was but feared having to stay up in the middle of the night

and lastly c), the major major major point and the one that dwarfs ALL others:

I was ill and could hardly concentrate on anything, let alone a match. Plus I just felt too bad and wanted to be able to go to bed at any time I wished.

So, 1 person’s honest feedback won’t help much, and mine especially won’t give you any insight I’m afraid, but maybe others can post here too why they didn’t register.
I can imagine that perceived chances of being crushed in said games by better players will score high.

EDIT: actually want to highlight this as I think it’s a great suggestion:[quote=“thorrk, post:1, topic:6667”]
Why is CP not using the game to communicate with players on upcoming event ? Is it that hard to put a news on the launcher , or even a reminder when you log on the game?


I think this biggest issue is the time commitment. As a sometime caster I’ve been trying to make this point for a while, many of the tournaments just take too long.

Nobody enters a tournament for $3 worth of spirit orbs, especially if it’s going to take that long. So you will only get the real die-hards.

Want more participants? Offer better rewards. It really is that simple. If they can afford to give away $2,000 in cold hard cash, they can afford to give away more intangible stuff that doesn’t even cost anything.


my biggest issue with the tournament system is that, we have to look for it to know more about it.

it’s not promoted enough.


When I first started playing, around when shimzar was dropped. I played in the Aestari Spark tournament, which for those of you who don’t know, is a tourny where new players were grouped with experienced coaches. I really had a good time and I probably wouldn’t be where I am in duelyst without the help I got from my coach, personally I think more of those would be nice, maybe one each quarter?


Did you know about the tournament scene for Duelyst?


Have you ever played in a tournament in Duelyst?

Yes, I entered in one of the Snowchaser tournaments in August I think. If I remember correctly its probably the easiest tournaments to enter in terms of rules and its open to all people, but was almost all S-Rank players, if not all were S-Rank, but I went in even though I was Silver at the time. :slight_smile:

If so, did you like it?

Was fun even though I lost both of my matches in the double elimination format. Considering doing one of the Duelyst opens tournaments in the future, possibly.

How would you improve it?

Using the Snowchaser tournament as an example, I would split the tournament over the weekend and not do it all in one day. For me (who lives in the UK) the tournament sign-up was closed at 5pm, the bracket was drawn at roughly 5:15pm to 5:20pm with the 1st matches happening around 5:30pm or later depending how ready people were. I was finished with the tournament relatively quickly but that still took about 60-75 mins from when I got matched up with my first opponent. I kept tabs on the tournament and the finals was happening about 7 hours after the start which is about 1am. Which seems a bit unfair, if you live in a time zone that doesn’t favour the tournament times and you progress far into it. But I guess that would also be something you’ll be prepared for, if you know before hand.

Another thing I would consider is having a pinned forum topic, and have it regularly updated (maybe once a day) saying which tournaments are coming up and how many spaces are still left open. To help fill tournaments and keep it in the mind of the community.


I honestly think this covers the whole entire issue very well and I agree wholeheartedly, this is the core of basically all of cpg’s problems. as if I’m qualified to even comment on that lmao


I don’t even know how tournaments work. When I started the game I planned to play in them after I build enough of a collection but when I finally got to that point and realized how complicated the tournaments seemed I just couldn’t be arsed with it and backed off, and that’s without even realizing the time commitment needed for it.


Completely agree. And honestly, it doesn’t even have to be a big tournament organizing feature, a link in the client pointing to the current tournament website would be enough for now.


Advertisement seems the weakest point for this game. Sure, there are the usual social network accounts, but why aren’t the in-game notifications more used? This way, all players would be aware of the coolest events.

(Also, having the possibility of organising in-game tournaments would be awesome, but I feel this is off topic)


I know about the tours but they just aren’t for me. Bad times for me, way too long, i don’t feel comfortable enough to compete at that skill level, and the advertisement could be better, even though i personally know how to get the information.


This post is absolutely perfect! Communication is key whenever you have a big event scheduled! If I could rate the communication in duelyst on a scale from 1-10 then I would give it a participation ribbon. It took me several months of playing duelyst to figure out that if you got past silver you get a free card, and that was mostly due to the lack of notification. I get it that CP wants to make duelyst into something that you have to learn for yourself, but the lack of instruction/indication of rewards isn’t really what I would call user friendly and risks alienating players! Please CP, if you’re out there just listen to this man/woman/person/thing!


I think small tournaments like MTG’s Friday Night Magic would help alot with Duelyst’s exposure, and help train beginners into stricter tournament format. Though I don’t know how it would be implemented.


I never played a Duelyst tournament before and I would have liked to participate in that one, but I didn’t know about it at all. This thread is the first time I read about it. I agree, it would be nice to have a notification in game.
7 hours is a lot though. Nothing I would do too often then.

I am free to play but I think I could build 3 good decks for a tournament. Still, 2 would be better to encourage participation, I believe.


It depends on which tournament it is. Most Duelyst tournaments tend to require you to submit have 3 decks, but the Snowchaser one which I’ve done, only requires 2 and the rules are very straight forward. Which is why I would recommend to most people who want to try a tournament for the first time to do the Snowchaser one to get some tournament experience (assuming it comes back for a 3rd season). Its a lot of time that is needed if you go progress far into it and all the player slots are filled. But once you know that going in, then it makes it easier since you are prepared for that.


I actually made this post because Juveyd ask me for feedback ;). But once again your opinion matters more than mine


What you said plus a more casual friendly approach. While I do not think I fit as a casual player, I’m not a pro either, so I’d really like that. This is what put me off most.


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