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My idea for balancing a couple Mytron cards

There seem to be only two cards out of Mythron that I think could use a solid rework.

  1. Wanderer. Increase the casting cost to 7. This will prevent people being able to drop it on turn two via ramping and things like flash reincarnation etc.
  2. Abyssian trial of Underlord Xor’xuul. Change the trial to 8 spells instead of 6 spells.

I think this would put it more in balance with the other factions trials, which are more difficult to complete.



I don’t know why Xor’Xuul needs any changes. 8 spells would make that trial even worse than it already is.

I don’t like the Wanderer to 7 mana nerf at all. Right now there is a lot of clever positioning around the mana tiles to have an early Wanderer which Early ramp into 7 is not something which really happens because on the 6 mana turn the tiles are usually taken. Flash and Wanderer’s stats are the problems not its mana cost.


xor would become impossible for non maehv abbysian decks. i wouldn’t be able to meme as well :sob:


Liking this post because I thought you left Dave, and I’m glad you’re still around.
And a good balance discussion is always welcome.

I feel your proposed changes are a tad too strong, I think it would be sufficient that Mythron Wanderer’s mana cost can never be reduced.

On the topic of Underlord Xor’Xuul, I would rather nerf the Destiny’s effect rather than its Trial threshold. I don’t have a suitable proposition though.



your train is no more my friend.


I dont think xorxull needs a nerf but the only acceptable one would be going up to 7 spells for the trial. 8 means the card becomes unplayable.
Boronian spoke well when it comes with wanderer, reducing its stats would be the best one imho. Something like 3/3 (4/4 with the instant buff) and the card is fine


I argee with the Wanderer nerf, but as powerful Xor’xull decks may seem, there are many ways to counter them. Take Hatefurnace as an example, the trial used to require only 5 spells and your minions are already gain Rush and Frenzy making it the most broken mythron card in duelyst, but after the nerf, it has become unplayable, there hasn’t been any good Hatefurnace deck that you can climb ladder consistently. Therefore i don’t think we should do the same with Xor’xull. Besides, Abyssian needs Xor’xull to keep the Faction has the same power level as every other classes.(just above Vanar)


Wanderer is op, agree: plz nerf. But I prefer @boronian’s approach: nerf the stats rather than the cost.
Imo a more important rework should be done in Flash Reincarnation and Ripper…

Xor though, I don’t know… It’s not actually op as it’s much more counterable, but I do get that when the deck runs smoothly it becomes oppressive and frustrating (see Shadowdancer/Saberspine). I agree with @project2el that at most rising the spell count to 7 might be just enough to avoid super cheesy ramps, and/or ( I add) making Dark Fire Sacrifice cost 1.


Said it before and will say it again: the most flavorful nerf to Wanderer is making its Destiny only affect neutral minions :slight_smile:


Flavorful yes!

Viable? Probably not. Needs a lot of reworking then.


@bigdavejedisage im curious. why 8 spells for xor? that seems like way to much, and i think a stat change would be the best fix for wanderer.

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Another nerf discussion? Excellent. My proposals:

Wanderer —> fine. Really not as bad as people call it. Ramp is the true issue.

Abjudicator —> change to 3 mana 3/3 Og: spells you cast this turn cost 1 less. Stops enabling wizard decks and mantra.

Decimus —> change to 3 mana 4/3 with if you draw a card, this minion gains rush. (can be anything else which doesn’t enable deci spikes)

Owlbeast sage —> global buff changed to 0/+1. Too powerful an enabler in its current state. Weakens snowball effect while maintaining old identity.

Grimes—> stats to 3/4. minion summons on OG and death can only cost 3 or less. Can no longer pull battle pets. Cuts highrolls while keeping it a powerful DW and budget option.

sunrise cleric —> cost 2. Way too powerful in its current iteration, being the only one drop in the game capable of generating infinite value and not dying to general hit.

Golden vitriol—> change text to whenever ANYTHING is healed, deal 1 damage to all enemies nearby your general cuts much of ziran’s long range capabilities, nerfing tile camping and forcing her to zone like everyone else.

Alabaster titan —> change to cost 5 provoke 3/6 Og: if you have no spells in your deck, equip a skywind glaives to your general. Stops the absurd tempo and snowball effect of the old deck while maintaining a powerful body and incredible value play.

Corona —> regains ability to target face.

Malicious wisp—> Stats to 4/5. Effect changed to: OG: gain a mana crystal. DW: lose a mana crystal. Cuts reverse ramp while giving vanar a strong minion to play on curve.


Rae—> cost 1, 3/2. Same effect. 0 cost minions should not exist in a game with manatiles.

Dreamshaper —> change stats to 3/2, bond effect only draws one card. stops absurd cyclage of old vet while gaining a buff to incentivize continued play.

Allomancer — no longer can summon trigon obelysk on death.

Sandswirl reader—> same effect; cost to 6, stats to 4/5. Too powerful and consistent of a 5 mana play when stacked with boa. Buffed stats turn it from an way of maintaining early leads to a powerful way to enter the lategame.

Fault —> cost 7. Lategame card is now actually late game.


Reva bbs —> seeker is now summoned directly behind you.

Spear —> cost 2. Too powerful for a 1 mana play.

Scroll bandit —> backstab (1) changed to backstab (0). Allows spells to be stolen, but weakens the tempo of such plays.

Bangle —> change text to your general can move 2 extra spaces celerity is broken on a general. Especially ranged generals. Maintains manueverability of the old artifact while cutting thr ability to attack twice. Press f to pay respects to unbounded energy amulet.

Mantra—> cost 5. No longer heals.

Ripper—> loses celerity. Gains can move two extra spaces. There is no reason why anything which can be activated on the same turn it is summoned should have celerity. Summoning an egg already provides plenty of benefits in lava lance, EE target, etc. Corrects zoetic’s power level as well.

Flash—> change to: * If the next card you play is a minion, it costs 1 less and takes 1 damage.* A gentle balance between “hurrdurr muh faction identity” and “delet flash Reeeee”

Wild inceptor —> cost 3.

Homeostatic rebuke —> cost 5.

Juggernaut —> golem eggs can only spawn golems which cost 4 or less.


Aphotic drain—> change to: destroy a friendly minion to heal your general equal to its attack. Keeps it an xor proc while stopping highrolls against decks which should beat it.

necrotic sphere —> cost 7. Punishes winning the early game and blocking general retreat. Now reserved for the true late game.

No buffs to abyss given how most of its weaknesses stemmed from faster decks which could simultaneously outvalue them. Power of their late game outside of aggro should now shine with proper play. Similar for vanar.


I actually like most of these propositions considering them together in the big picture.
Though I’d opt for a slightly different design in some cases (like I’d have Ripper spawn ALWAYS behind Ragnora), I believe this is the direction the game should take.


I like how you nerf the whole meta to the freakin ground.
Slow down man, you’re turning the game into ‘no fun duelyst’.


The cards that really need a nerf are wanderer, fault and ripper. Yes in a wonderfull world there are many cards that should be rebalanced but right Now i would be happy with those 3.

flash reincarnation nerf: the next minion you cast takes one damage and cost one less.

explanation: This balance would keep the card the same, in effect, but would disallow the ability to t2 drop wanderer as magmar. i know that clever positioning would still allow that to happen however, if you are afraid of a t2 wanderer then you could dispel or replace the spot with a hallowed ground, a shadow creep, etc. The nerf would also keep the identity of the card, but it puts you at a disadvantage to stack them in you hand, taking the place of more important cards. what do you guys think?

My favorite faction just hit the real rock bottom with this quote

My terrible idea is just to make all trials barely viable because currently 95% of Brome’s play Strategos (so literally no one really knows how to play aggro swarm except for top S rankers), and 95% of Maehvs are Trial highroll with the exact same netdeck for each one. Makes every game feel the same against these two, and there needs to be a lot more variation. Tempo Maehv isn’t even seen at all anymore.


Word. Those two can really do so much more than hurrdurr basic "Strateg"os and Lolxor. At least Ragnora isn’t all Wanderer, although he is broken in other ways as well.


Although Wanderer is definitely more detrimental against the ladder than those 2 decks, it does have some variation, and games feel slightly different because its pretty difficult to draw the same hand twice with that deck. I also believe it needs a slight stat nerf to make it not so swingy. Not as flavorful as your change, but it does do its job.


Ragnoras BBs is just so damm OP that it supports a multitude of archetypes in a realy good way. I don,t think that BBs like Ragnoras should exist-in my opinion BBs should compliment very specific archetypes.Thats why i also think that reva,zirix and faie have poorly designed Bloodbornspells aswell-they are just too versatile
I think its best if each general has 1-2 viable archetypes in the meta but never more-if he has more it indicates that his BBs just provides too much

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