My first post-Shimzar Control Magmar deck


Hi there duelysts. I’ve been playing duelyst for a little over 2 weeks and I’ve got to say that I’m a huge fan of Control Magmar (Magtrol?). However, that love for ol’Mag got shaken up a bit after experiencing this expansion. So after a period of trial and error, I think I’ve finally got my first solid post-Shimzar Control Magmar deck that got me straight from 20 to 10 without a hassle.


It’s nothing new really, just a little tweak from other decks. But the main focus of this deck is to utilize each minions ability either to eliminate targets or to multiply in numbers. Taygete, Grovekeeper, Harvester, Warbeast, and Synja are great for removing threats while Kron and Elder are brilliant at flooding the board. I’ve added Grovekeeper as a counter to the flooding use of Kron and Lyona’s Ironcliff. I found Synja to be great for providing pressure since she can immediately kill most minions on the go. Thumping Wave provides such good synergy with Makantor (6-9 mana 9 damage frenzy rush) and Taygete (3 mana on enemy minion 5+ damage all around).

Feel free to try it out, and since this is my first time in Gold, any tips on how to improve the deck further would be much obliged.


You might want to consider blistering skorn over spirit harvester, and 3rd Kron over red synja


Kinda agree with replacing Harvester with Skorn, but gotta say that Synja really synergize well with Skorn since he also activates her ability. Will keep testing, thanks mate!