My first hatemail


So yesterday I started playing Songhai. I disenchanted pretty much every bad or useless card and finally crafted 3 Lantern Foxes. It’s not even a competitive deck (only one Spelljammer and no Haven’s Eclipse). I did it mostly to see how it looks like on the other side of the barricade and to see what’s problematic for Reva, and I have to say It’s one of the most difficult factions to play with. Yes it has high burst, but I still have issues to beat meta decks (mostly because I suck at this game).
Today I won with a Magmar player (standard 10 dmg combo) and I received a hatemail. I don’t even understand him I was so low at health so I was dead to Bounded Lifeforce for like 2 or 3 turns, or Elucidator Thumping Wave combo, which he had and I think he missed lethal, but I’m not sure.
Anyway, what’s your experience with hatemails?


Don’t worry man, those ain’t haters, just fans in denial. Anyway, I had one guy who added me, said “moron” and instantly deleted me. I always like to talk to such people to piss them off even more so it’s no fun when they instantly delete you :-1:

Funny thing is, I played mechs for like 700-800 games and I never once had someone salty adding me during that time. Something’s wrong with people I swear.


Hatemail is fun tbh. Salty players are extremly easy to annoy even more, and i don’t hesitate to do that since idgaf about insults from randoms on the internet, and i find that kind of behavior extremely amusing. Got tons of that in Dark souls and on Pokemon showdown, but only once or twice in duelyst.

Oh and i agree on spellhai being hard to pilote, i made a similar ‘budget spellhai’ for dailies without heavens eclipse and juxes, and its really not that easy to play with.


His mail was so funny though, first he asked how can I sleep at nights. I told him that I’m just experimenting with Songhai but he didn’t believe. We talked for a bit, I even wanted to play with him using my main Magmar deck but he refused unfortunately. At the end he told me to have a nice day, so I replied the same thing and he added: “I hope you will step on something sharp” or something like that and he deleted me. I was laughing hard for a while.


Only ever had one. This community is great and I wouldn’t let the odd bad apple dissuade you from adding people in the future, you can make a lot of friends this way.

The best hate mails though are the ones that boil down to “your deck sucks” since they are always sent after said deck defeats them. Not exactly high points in the progress of logical reasoning here.


I’m adding people all the time, mostly after amazing or epic games and they happen a lot in Duelyst that’s for sure. But yeah community in this game is amazing I’ve pointed out how much it means to me in my introduction thread.


I get this so many times…sometimes i am laazy and end up in silver at the end of the month and have to grind my way up again…

People add me and say ,Nice job asshole, got those Badges and bully noobs’’

I mean sometimes people auto-concede when they see me and then add me to tell me what a smurf i am…

I am just diamond-player that played tooo long. Those badges dont say anything and i dont play in rank20 because i want to °3°

Oh and then there are those people that scream at me because ,Topdeck-lethal’’. I just replace at the start of the turn…even when i have lethal…its a reflex so dont get salty. In duelyst you just cant tell if it is a topdeck or not (wich apperently frustrates alot of people)


I once played Ranged Reva against a guy and won by usual HS cheese.
He added me to congratulate me.
I guess there are all kinds of players


Well one time I fought a Faice player. I won then added him then he messaged me. He asked me why the add? I said gg then I said that I knew him from the forums. Then he got a bit salty and said that I shouldn’t emote as a Songhai player when winning. A couple of moments later he deleted me from the friend list.


I was pretty prepared that there were going to be salty messages in an online game, but I assumed that this was just going to be a thing with scrubby bad players. It has been slightly disheartening that I’ve received more salty post-game messages from high-ranking “good” players than when I was in Silver/Gold.


I had one too, funny thing is, it was a reva player, I was just casually dropping my abyssal juggernaut, that gets bigger and bigger each turn. Funny thing is, why dont he remove my backline crawler when he has such tools, before I hit him with lethal Jugger he added me and then says “won by luck noob, b*tch”. After that win, I proceed to close duelyst, and enjoy my glorious victory while silenty laughing. I think it was in diamond 2 or something, I don’t quite remember since it’s been a few days.


I don’t know if I’m lucky or what, but I have never gotten hatemail. I try to be nice to all the players I meet, and have some fairly big names on my friends list. (Scarzig, Moorguard, TopDecked, Solafid, Flinx, F8D, 00HP) etc. Still don’t have Mogwai or Nowayitsj. The collection continues!


I’ll trade you J for Solafid and F8D :spy:


I once played against ferenzy in gauntlet. Needless to say, I got owned.


I beat Zelda in a gauntlet match. Incredibly satisfied after that. XD


Naww, I’m keeping my investments. ;^)


I had this like 4 times in my first 2 weeks (and twice in a row as the last of the 4) and I was quite taken back by this. It’s great if you can laugh it off, I cannot. It hurts me.

I made a post on these forums in a thread about blocking players, that I would like to be able to block specific people (those who added me just to insult me and then immediately unfriended) from sending friend requests again, expecting that a small subgroup of the community just did this a lot and it would always have to remember their names to avoid accepting friend requests (which I normally really like: oh cool, you want to talk about the match and send a friendship request).
Buuuut, it since then has never ever happened again.

So yeah I am very glad about that :slight_smile:


Yea, when I went back to silver after the end of season I get people adding me like “dude your deck is awesome can you give me the list”

Then I get to diamond and it’s like “you’re trash lol” “I could easily get to S with your deck full of legendaries, I’m only using common cards and I almost beat you” (and that was after I beat the guy with my general at full health)


such is the community sigh
I mean, we were prepared for this to happen post-Steam release? There are people that refuse to grow up. People that think flaming the other guy will help. Me? I just look at the match history, see that I won and just have a smug smile on my face. “Yeah, keep whining, we both know who won that match”. An incredible amount of amazing people play this game. So don’t let the small percentage of salty children that didn’t learn any manners from their parents get you down. :wink: Enjoy the good matches, ignore the salty players.


I got some the other day, some guy was playing swarm and lost to his own misplay, said I stole the game and should be ashamed lmao

Another guy said my kara brew is the most annoying thing he’s ever played