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My favorite decks to play

Backstab shidai is nr. 1 favorite now :smiley:

Sajj artifact is nr.2 because it is the most powerfull deck i have right now to climb ladder to S-rank

Arcanyst spellpower cassyva is nr.3 because I love to spam powerful removal spells. It is not so powerful as my nr.4 favorite deck though :stuck_out_tongue:

Xor’xuul multiplying minions deck is nr. 4. Nothing beats this deck in controlling the board, because this deck literally takes all the board so our opponent cannot even find 1 free square to move or summon. It’s just a matter of time/draw how fast will you get there :stuck_out_tongue:. It is nr.4 because i played this deck so much i kinda got bored with it xD


my spellpower deck at (almost) full power :smiley:
EZ bossfight with xor’xuul deck :smiley:

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Since you enjoy “overkill” style decks, I recommend rite maehv: https://duelspot.com/deck/rite-maehv/

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i need to craft some epics for your deck and right now i have too many songhai legendaries on my wishlist to craft to find a perfect general backstab deck :smiley:

I also like over kill because it makes games easier to win.

so i fought this boss and somehow i have become legion himself :open_mouth:
this is when i beat it though :stuck_out_tongue:

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