My deck, suggestions & improvements welcome


Hi there, I’ve been playing Duelyst since Steam launch and immediately felt drawn to the Abyssian faction thus improving & crafting ever-more cards in hopes of bettering my competitive edge.

I am currently on rank 13 going with a Shadow Creep centered theme with Cassyva;

Please share your impressions, recommendations & possibly your own Cassyva decks. :sunny:



Looks pretty cookie cutter. Only thing that really catches my eye is too much draw. You can easily cut those Sojs for Spec Blades or whatever. Triple Kaleino might be too much too but it’s not that big of a deal. Also it’s probably a good idea to find some place for two Spec Revs if you can afford them. Maybe cut one Kaleino and one Dark Trans for it?


Raq pretty much got it.
Only changes Id recommend aside from his is perhaps to add a 3rd Nova and if you are going to include 2 Rite’s, maybe the 2nd Obliterate isn’t needed?


Looks good. I would cut 1 Obliterate and Novas.
You don’t really need two because after you’ve used one the other won’t see play and until late game it’s a dead card so having 2 even for consistency’s sake isn’t worth it in my opinion.
Nova is a negative tempo play and I think it’s not worth playing in most situation over a 4 a solid drop like Jagger or Dioltas. You have enough creep generation as it is trust me.
Like someone mentioned already, you have too much draw. You need to manage your hand with correct replaces and mulligan. If you have a fast hand, keep Rite, if it’s a slow hand, replace it.
Finally Klaxon at 3 seems a bit clunky. Personally I use 2 but can’t say for sure since I only own the two though I’m not complaining.
The deck isn’t the easiest to pilot but is rewarding, Good luck on ladder ;3


Okay here’s the current deck, I made a complete re-build (kinda);

Also added 2x Inq. Krons having read somewhere how au fait they are.
PS: Thinking of adding 3rd Nova rather than a Klax, you can’t be too safe, suggestions?

Thanks a mil!


Id add a 3rd Nova in place of that 3rd Klaxon as you said. Im not an avid Abyssian player though so take my words with a grain of salt.

Rest of the deck looks solid.


Looks much better! I still wouldn’t play novas but hey if it works for you…
You don’t seem to have enough healing. I would find place for that 3 shadow sister and maybe play healing mystic instead of jaxi.
I suggest cutting 1 Klaxon for shadow sister.


interesting. I have had shit luck with creep this season. is playing nova killing me? I never thought about NOT running it…


Post patch nova is just 4 mana for 4 creep tiles. Since creep only deals 1 damage, on it’s own, nova is a very weak card.
It can be comboed with spine elemental for some aoe shenanigans but that is still too situational and relatively weak play.
If you need to deal 1 aoe damage, play skorn.
If you need to generate lots of creep, play all the early game creep generators; Abyssal Crawler, Sphere of Darkness and OOz
Along with your BBS it should be more than enough to justify not playing nova.


Don’t forget the nice psychological oppression effect that comes with Nova. Opponents tend to forget how it is now and when they got a Nova under their feet, they go psycho, fully distracted and do stupid things, just to avoid it.

New Shadow Nova = poor damage output but “The Floor is lava !” effect :laughing:


Well maybe at lower ranks…
Currently rank 1 and people here don’t panic so easily.


Nova is often almost a dead card now. I’d suggest dropping it, adding a third Kelaino and another two drop.


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I like how the other decks use 2-3 legos to be viable in top ranks and suddenly Abyssian must use 6 legos to get to diamond.

Vanar is the strongest fraction. :disappointed:


Thank you, those Mystics saved my ass 2x games so far, overtly prime advice.

Current deck state:


Joke from my previous message aside, I agree with that, I went lethal several time with [Shadow Nova + Azalea] finisher.
Maybe I was lucky or maybe opponent underestimated me, because I have few Legendaries and I play them discreetly, and usually, Azalea is the first (and last :stuck_out_tongue: ) they see me casting.