My december decks


Kaleos bbs arcanyst

Grindy, damage-over-time kind of deck. very fun to play. sucks some serious balls against vanar but performs quite well against other factions.

Argeon midrange

Good old midrange argeon with more sustain with all the card draws & heals. Good matchup against pretty much everything?

Starhorn arcanyst flood

Because why the hell not.

Starhorn aggro flood

a bit disappointed that thraex wasn’t as good as i thought it would be, but still very decent, fast deck.

Starhorn burn

absolutely disgusting damage output. period.

Just Cassyva

don’t even need obliterate anymore. this deck is all about choking out your opponent with the fiends. very satisfying. kind of gets boring after a while though.


inspired by mythicalbrit. nuff said.


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