My current and future sajj deck


I want to first point out that I am not that great with deck building.

Current deck

Deck i’m working on

This is the deck I want to make but I want to know what I should change in it so please tell me what I should change thank you.


I gotta ask like what does this deck do? Seems like its just full of tech cards meant to counter very specific things.
Firstly you need to state what you want to do with the deck then certain cards can be replaced


Like I said before i’m bot good with deck building

I made this deck to focus around the artifacts and use my general for most of the attacking and after looking at I realized there is a decent amount of things I can replace with better cards for this deck

I fixed up the deck a little bit

Hope this is better


(Using this for reference)

So first of all, I can see you’re trying to use an Artifact oriented deck. Thing is, there’s some cards you won’t need. Let’s begin!

All your artifacts except Ankh. You won’t need it.

1 Ofs are generally bad. Remove Entropic Decay, keep Circle.

Remove Oserix. It’s bad.

Imperial Mechanyst also isn’t that useful.

Sand Sister Saon is flat out bad.

Siphon Energy is also bad.


LIke I said, 1 ofs are bad. So, let’s try to be more consistent.

Add 1 more Shroud and Pyromancer.

You’re missing the staples, which are First and Second wish. Add x3 of those in ASAP.

Your deck has no card draw, let’s add Divine Spark.

Third Aymara, Second Incinera and another two Zeyphyrs will also help.

Autarch’s Gifts can be a 2 or 3 of if you choose.

I noticed you’re running a lot of spells. Let’s add Abjudicator x2 so we can ramp out those spells quicker.

Those are just my recommendations at a glance. GLHF, make changes as necessary.


Thanks this will help a lot

This is what I ended up with


I’d say drop Blindscorch for 1 more Divine Spark and Nosh-Rak. I’d consider Nosh-Rak one of the staples ATM. 2 Nosh-Raks are best but I’m not sure where to find room, so that’s up to you.




I’m not listening to my brother for tips for this game anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


My current Sajj list. I have 3x every Vet card, so I don’t expect you to give this a whirl tomorrow ^^; But I’d like to share a few core ideas.

  1. Redundancy- If you notice, there are plenty of 3-ofs. For most decks in a cardgame, filling out the deck with the maximum number of a card is important because it allows you to build consistency and better expect the sortof assortment of tools you’ll be using throughout the game. Notice also, that many of the cards do a very similar thing- this is because you get to “cheat” the maximum number of a given card in a deck through redundancy.

  2. Cardflow- Sajj is inherently slow. Like molasses. Sajj decks tend to be built for full-bore control or combo. This means that anytime you build a Sajj deck, your deck needs to push cardflow more than other archetypes- this is where Divine Spark shines. DS makes Sajj decks actually work. In this particular list, also packing First Wish and Inner Oasis which build cardflow and buff units. Taking advantage of your replace step while using draw effects will help you build more consistency!

  3. Combo and Control: Oil and Water- While it’s pretty obvious, my list is a Control Sajj. I have a variant that even plays Nosh-Raks over the Aymara Healers! Because of massively inefficient cards like Aurora’s Tears, you sortof have to commit one way or another to building combo kills or playing for value- and the tools you use to do either need to adapt.

:smiley: May RNGesus always be in your favor!


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