My Control Magmar - Vaath(obviusly)


Hello guys, this is my first post so please, forgive my english (is not my native language) and be kind with my mistakes.

This deck is not a “Pro” deck, i mean, i never hit rank 5 in this game,i play casually,but since the beta, but he is fun (if you like control) and iam actualy rank 8 with him, i play just him, from the 20.

So is a deck to climb a little, maybe?


Flash Reincarnation x2
Emerald Shroud x2
Gro x2
Young Silithar x2
Saberspine Tiger x2
Razor Skin x2
Thumping Wave x1
Wings of Paradise x2
Crisalys Burst x1
Earth Sister Taygete x2
Earth Sphere x2
Egg Morph x2
Primus Shieldmaster x2
Grincher x1
Inquisidor Kron x2
Nature’s Confluence x2
Plasma Storm x1
Spirit Harvester x2
Archon Spellbinder x2
Fractal Replication x1
Makantor Warbeast x2
Silithar Elder x2

Wings of paradise and grincher are personal choices.

So now, how i use this deck?

In the Start

Gro and young are your best options, ( and the wings, if you want to use them, i like them because is very commmon they give me good trades, or a real treat by a runner enemy general) you just let you gro do their pet thing, and use your young to zone the oponent, never turn him in a egg by yourself, at less you have no other choice, you are a control, and he is a great “zoner” to the mana points.

(ok i dont know the word in english, but by “zone” iam try to say, something like, block your oponnent, to pass, get in your weak minnions or mana points)

The tiger, is for trades too.
Reincarnation to your Archons, taygetes and elders.

In the Middle

so, now your objetictives is clean the board, take the control, and then start to create your monsters, look for yours crisalys burst and the natures, always use this one in a way that force the oponnent general to move in a position good for you defense, or atack.

if you do that, (and have a little luck in the eggs, or the pets) so your opponent now have a problem, he will try to reposition, and you will try to stop him,make he is punished by your pets or eggs, using your taunts.

in this fase use your tayete/reincarnation to force him to reposition , or to make good trades, for her minions.

In the Late

So, now the things get hard, and u have to be smart, very classes have combos, so is time to run, and make your little horde fight for you, heal yourself with spheres, use your makantor to keep trying get the control of the table, and then try to make your elders multiplicates.

the ideal use for your Fractal replication is in your archon, but is a versality spell and can be use and your elders, makantos, kron.

Last things

So, if you are losing, and cant get control of the table, (usualy is when u are playing against vetru or abissian) hold on, try to use yours natures and taunts to keep distance and mulligan for your plasma sotmr, makantor, or harvesters.

So, the grincher i cant explain, i just like her.
I never use the crysalis if my opponent have more than 1 minions on the field.
Razor skin are in tests…maybe i change him for sojourner.

If you try this deck, please, let me know what u think about it!

So, is done, please leave your suggestions and comments! (and please, if this is impossible to read by the bad english, tell me where i can change/get better)


You probably should do so from the get go because the deck is fairly weird and some general elaboration on it would be nice.


hmm, i think u right


When I see this decklist it feels like you wanted to put many different, which is most of the time “not” the good option.

Maybe you can improve it by searching to use the full potential of some cards and put them 3 times.

If I would replace something ? Spirit harvester and chrysalis burst. Even with the change on the egg, if they are killed like it used to be you lose a lot.

For the rest of it, well it’s not bad at all and your rank tell it. Maybe just this weird single thumping wave can be replaced by something. If it’s alone well you don’t have this much chance to draw it.


Is true, the harvester can be a problem, i like them, but maybe i should trade for skorn.

About the thing of a lot of cards, i know is better a deck with a lot of copies of each, helps the sinergy, But i kind… just like this way. xD


Trust me, I was able to understand everything. Yeah, there were grammar mistakes, but it’s not bad at all, still comfortably legible.


I’m no expert deckbuilder (rank 4 is the best I’ve managed) but I can tell from that list that your deck is trying to do way too many things at once, which makes it unfocused and reduces consistency.

What exactly is your deck trying to do? Are you going for a aggressive charge deck that aims to burst the opponent? Add Lucidator and more thumping waves.
Are you going for a ramp deck that aims to reach the late game and win with elders and. . . archon spellbinders (I’m curios why you’re running two copies of this card)? Add another flash reincarnation, and consider adding Kujata to the deck.
Unless it’s a very specific tech card (like plasma storm or metamorphis), you really don’t want to run 1-of of a card as there is a high chance you won’t draw it in the match and the consistency of your deck goes down. Consider either removing or adding another copy of every 1-off you have in the deck.

That aside, your early game looks incredibly weak with only 4 two-drops and another 2 three drops (shroud and tiger are reactive cards that you really don’t want to play to contest the board). Consider adding more two and three drops.
I’m not sure why the Archon spellbinders are there. They hit the board to late to shut down combohai and they seem largely irrelevant against every other faction. Makantor warbeast is amazing, add another if you have 3 copies. I would add another egg morph and 1-2 more thumping waves, you really need those removals to deal with Kron/Nimbus/Klaxon/Ayamara etc.

Anyway, that’s my opinion on the deck.


Ty for the feedback!


Yah maybe i should work in a more competionally version


At a glance does look a bit of everything. After reading description found it is a late game deck. Uses provokes to slow down. Then builds an army with Kron, Nature and Elder.
Razor Skin is probably better with faster decks where you could flood the board with cheap units. I would remove it.
A 3rd Flash Reincarnation will definitely help with a deck with low 2 drops and tons of late game units.
Agree with zenanii with 3rd Egg Morph and Makantor. All pray to Makantor and you shall win more with Magmar :laughing:


You think i should put more 2 drops, still like this and put a 3rd reincarnation or both?

I think i need something to buy cards too


You should try 2 thumping wave and fitting in 3 bloodtier, artifacts are an issue for magmar and so is minions like 4 winds and that should help consistently solve those issues.


Try adding reincarnation and test the deck. If you feel you lose frequently when you fail to get a 2 drop then add more 2 drops. Care if you do add 2 drops you burn cards faster and might need card draw. Then you have to take something out of your deck…

Agree that artifacts are annoying. Rush units like tiger and Makantor also helps a bit.